What if Olivia Wilde becomes Lara Croft?

I think Angelina Jolie has outgrown Tomb Raider.
Maybe it's time for another person to act as a sexy adventurer? 

This cyberchick deserves
full-length, live-action
Here’s the thing: I was never a fan of Angelina Jolie. Sure, I have seen Original Sin where she played acrobat on Antonio Banderas’ body. But still... I just can’t convince myself to be her fan.

Maybe it’s because she can’t look cute and funny. Have you seen her in a romantic comedy? Either she looks demented or craze... or she looks seductive and conniving. There are some actresses that can’t do well when they in a position they aren’t familiar.

Or maybe... I just hate her because I am such a Friends mark!

In a heartbeat I’d choose Jennifer Aniston over Angelina Jolie.

Anyway, although I liked her performance in Girl Interrupted and while I saw Original Sin, I wasn’t really a fan of her... much less of her movies.

Maybe for that same reason Lara Croft: Tomb Raider didn’t make me giddy. I was never a fan of single player mission games (except for Monkey Island) and that game is exactly that. So what if she wears a tight sando, boots, and short military shorts!

Olivia Wilde could use this to level up. 
I did however catch the movie when my sister rented the movie from our friendly neighbourhood VHS rental store (yes, long before CD’s and DVD’s, there were rectangle cartridges where you need to "track" endlessly to get a clear picture). I saw the first movie and I’d rather see those Indiana Jones and Allan Quartermain movies. Look, I understand that in the PC game, Lara Croft is a badass chick. However I found the Lara Croft of the big screen monotonous and her lack of personality needs to be addressed. I’m not saying she should be perky as Barbie but it seems as if her attitude was channelling a bit of Aeon Flux. The sequel was no different. I just saw the end parts and even during climax it failed to captivate.

Sure, the adventure will always be there. That’s a given. However, Lara Croft needs to have a swagger. She should be believable as a badass chick but is hot enough to make the male audiences drool. Maybe, they should incorporate a bit of skin. Remember when some geek made a Lara Croft bikini scene? It created buzz because PC’s answer to Mario, Sonic, and those Street Fighter characters is an adventurous hottie in a bikini!

All in all, Lara Croft was created to be a chick version of Indiana Jones. Maybe instead of a monotonous, serious chick, we should get a hot, fun-loving treasure hunter who’ll use her resources and skills in a not-so-robotic manner.

You see, I’ve been repeating and interchanging words concerning the tone of the main character. Yes, I noticed that too. But as bad my example is, maybe I am looking for Lara Croft to be a lot like Tia Carrere’s character in Relic Hunter... but an even better version.  

In the case of casting, there is no chick that I can see suited best for the role.

Actually, it is because I was checking out a Youtube clip that made me have this idea.

Here’s a scene when Olivia Wilde was part of The O.C.

Yeah... that’s the stuff...

You probably know her as Thirteen in the medical drama series, House. She’s also part of the blockbuster tekkie movie, Tron. She also had a bunch of film and TV appearances like Jack Black’s Year One.

Sure, there are a lot of hotties that could fit the role.

Most notably is ex-Transformers star Megan Fox.

By the way...
MY APOLOGIES for grabbing pictures from the
However there are a bunch of reasons why I think she’s right for the role.

NUMBER ONE: She played lesbian in The OC while she played bisexual on House. If Lara Croft would have girl and girl moments, then Olivia would have little problems.

NUMBER TWO: She can be badass and cute at the same time. I don’t know if Angelina was booked to really be badass but there was nothing cute in her portrayal. Deep inside, people still want to see the “woman” in a woman. Case in point was Demi Moore in her portrayal as G.I. Jane. Sure, she was bald and her environment was tough. But deep inside... you feel the woman in her.

NUMBER THREE: She’s hot! She’s so hot that the word “hot” melts when it is placed next to her! A great candidate for this role, Megan Fox, thought that if she’ll become a lesbian, she’ll definitely nail Olivia Wilde! While I just heard this on TMZ or some Hollywood news show! If and when Megan Fox and Olivia Wilde go at it, men everywhere will riot! 

NUMBER FOUR: Olivia Wilde is a nature advocate. She loves animals and she likes taking trips to exotic places. What better way to promote the wonders of nature as well as other cultures than doing a movie packed with nature and culture! 

Imagine how cool she'll be
as the next Lara Croft.
NUMBER FIVE: I think Wilde understands respect and I think she won't take for granted the role. One great thing about actors that paid their dues is that they value their rise to the top. While I can't say that she won't do a "Megan Fox" and piss off the person that made her famous, perhaps she will be more careful in taking care of her career. After taking a role like this, she'll probably have a trilogy. Afterwards, I can safely say that she'll find other endeavors. Possibly an Academy Award-earning role or something. 

NUMBER SIX: The lessons of the first two Tomb Raider movies must be realized. A regular treasure hunt in a jungle with less CGI and more of the obvious can and will work! While I can watch sci-fi movies now (thanks to a thing called Saturday Date Night), I still believe that aesthetic designs should never be the focal point of the film. The story will still be the key element of the story and regardless of it being Angelina, Megan, or Olivia, a great idea for a story needs to be seriously integrated. 

It’s not as if this is going to happen. The American Cinema is finding it hard to sell films influenced by games. Plus, it’s even better for producers to create a new material based on said games since people wouldn’t seriously knit-pick the product.

But hey, we can dream, right?

Who knows but maybe there is some producer (two to three years since I first posted this) who also thought it was a good idea to cast Olivia Wilde in a Lara Croft movie!  

Game over!


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