Thomasian Love 400 years in the making

Today marked the 400th year of the royal, pontifical, catholic university of the Philippines.

I remember when I was a senior at St. James College of QC. I only took two entrance exams. One was the UPCAT... and the other was the UST Entrance Exam. I remember that I took the exams at the Education Building where I saw a lot of hot chicks wearing see-through blouses.

That was inspiration enough to pass my exams.

Luckily I was approved in all of my choices. My first choice was Communication Arts because I was poised to follow the footsteps of my parents in the broadcasting industry. My second choice was Hotel and Restaurant Management... a kind of a “what if” for me because I would have wanted to travel the globe to train and work in different posh hotels. My third choice was Business Administration – but looking back I would have written fine arts because I am often mistaken as a graphic artist.

After an assembly line-like registration and being oriented to different things I would have never tried during high school, I became at tuned to the phenomenon known to many as college. At this point, being geeky can be seen as being trendy and tekkie. With the help of my college buddies (Evilbrain, Novice, Geist), I found myself getting hooked at all sorts of video games. I also learned a lot of vices like smoking, alcohol, and gambling. What’s epic about my stay in college is the fact that you get stranded due to floods and you have no choice but to tread the waters to find a haven.

I also learned to face cool and unpopular decisions like sacrificing fun with friends for grades (a Counterstrike tournament comes to mind), sacrificing friends for grades (I enslaved a person in doing secretarial work because she gets in the way of our conceptualization), failing grades (a shoutout to my Philo professor), breaking laws (an OJT event comes to mind), and falling in and out of love (a bunch of sources can be mentioned).

Anyway, moving to my Communication Arts subject was a good experience. I learned to edit, direct, produce, write, and research – every single day and not a day goes by that I don’t think the school did a lot for my career. This is the same career that's keeping me out from going back to school. 

I am going to return to Tigerlandia to score on your commemorative freebies! 

Happy birthday, UST.

You are so old right now...

Hopefully you’ll still get old for a long, long time! 




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