Time to get awesome

The last thing in his mind right now must be reading my blog, so with cautious belief six months will be a long enough period to make him forget to bonk me in the head once he comes back, I will use every inch of my semi-drunk and semi-wasted body (while writing this message I was part-drunk) to deliver a heartfelt message.

I will not say any name so people will still think that I can still conceal identities.

First of all, why the hell are you second guessing yourself? What you are going to do is the most awesome experience that anyone could imagine. Forget dry-humping camels – you will make foreigners understand your awesomeness! You will use the English language as a weapon and you will be excellent in it. You will rule anyone you can get your hands on. You will unwrap hot local chicks with your hands (or perhaps teeth) because these girls are probably tired of seeing the same type of man over and over again!

Remember our theory that foreign people get the local hot chicks just because of the fact that they perceive you as unpredictable and mysterious? Yes... that’s the stuff!

Time and again you proved you are the sticky, gooey substance that holds this particular group of bastards diverse with gayish tendencies and the ability to get touchy and emotional... but now is the time to make a name for yourself on a solo basis. Robbie Williams did it. Phil Collins did it. The guy from Backstreet Boys failed to make it big as a solo singer and he went back to his group but at least he did it! As we grew up, we develop different interests but we more or less continue to have the same dreams. We have evolved to different kinds of monsters and what you’re doing right now made me realize that we shouldn’t be resting on our laurels. 

Maybe this made me realize to get serious about my rakets or perhaps an advertising or marketing degree. 

I always said then and now that each of us have distinct roles. One of you has PWNED a lot of people with wit and intellect. The other will own people by becoming awesome within a corporate setting. I thought you’ll find a hard time differentiating yourself but your ability to scheme gave you an opportunity to become something big.  

I am like that useless Planeteer in Captain Planet while everyone offers earth, wind, fire, and water he gives out heart. While most of them are fighting with the elements coming from the planet’s core, the South American fellow merely talks to animals! You are like Captain Planet that even though I have a shitty power, you make my skills as well as other people's abilities somehow important.

The world is your oyster, my friend.

As a mission to you, here is an image of a hot Hollywood chick with Arab descent – Emmanuelle Chriqui.

You are a hotshot young professional in a foreign land. You are like a manlier version of Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love! Just because I can't do fiendish girl-hunting procedures doesn't mean you can't too! Aside from succeeding in your endeavours, go find something this awesome in Dubai!  

Game starts now.   


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