UFC 125 - The Results

Part 2! Part 2! PAAAAAAAARRRRTTTTT 2!!!!!!

UFC 125 time!

Admit it, you like grown sweaty men embracing each other. Who could be the first admittedly gay MMA fighter? I’m looking forward for your comments.

Anyway, I overslept and I just caught the encore presentation. I wanted to upload my review as early as last night but my internet connection was abysmal. 

Without any adieu, let’s check out the fights! 


For some insane reason, Guida seems tame. He is still dangerous though. Guida is aggressive and relentless in making Gomi his bitch. His head bobbing from L to R makes me think that underneath his hair, there is an iPod and he’s listening to some funky techno tune. Gomi looked awkward. Guida is finding his fists useful. A big knee by Gomi sucked because it led to a Guida takedown. Guida tried to unlock an arm triangle while Gomi tried a kimura. After that The Carpenter managed to attach the guillotine. Cranking it was enough for Gomi to submit. 

Post match, Joe Rogan was asking Guida about the fight and all Guida did was greet. Well, he answered the first question but it was as if Rogan was talking to a foreigner that doesn’t know English.



Dong hasn’t lost in the UFC, the man dubbed as The Stun Gun, will try to beast up his rankings against Nate Diaz. By the way, he looks like a pilot of an international defense force a la Ultraman or Magmaman when he entered the Octagon.

The fight started with Diaz at the offensive. Dong’s moves aren’t solid but they are wearing Diaz up. Rogan is showing no love on Diaz while Mike Goldberg is narrating other things not involving Dong. Well that sucked. Dong owned the first round. In the second round, Diaz sort of handled himself well here. While Dong was above Diaz, it seems as if Diaz was craftier down the ground. But Dong is still controlling the round because of those takedowns. In the third round, it was no different. Diaz showed desperation but with a series of punches and a barrage of knees to the back but it was too little, too late as Dong won the first two rounds.

Post match, he said he wanted GSP. Don’t wish for GSP... please... don’t... unless you want to get destroyed.



These are two guys who are pure light heavyweights that can also fight in the heavyweight level. Thiago Silva looks like he wanted to eat Vera. Let’s expect a bunch of kicks from both fighters! Thiago looks mean and that was the case in this fight. With the fear that his orbital bone might get injured again, Vera was at the defensive when Thiago took him down. With 13 seconds left, Vera managed to put a scare on the erstwhile-dominating Thiago with a heel hook.

After Round One, Thiago was standing on top of Vera clapping and taunting and it didn’t sit well with Vera. At the start of Round Two, Vera started strong but with a punch, Vera was stopped. Vera was again taken down by Silva. Thiago Silva is continuing to hammer Vera with little resistance from The Truth! The crowd is no booing because of Vera’s inactivity.  

Round Three was well... sad. Vera’s nose is broken and bloodied and I think he’ll be sidelined again. Meanwhile, Silva is mocking and humiliating The Truth. Silva is using Vera as a statement bout. All the frustrations Thiago Silva had against his last loss against Rashad Evans, willed him to become a monster. Mocking him like crazy, Thiago made mince meat of Brandon.

Vera is clearly not ready to fight.

Post match, the crowd is freaked out of Vera’s super-fucked nose.



We hear the Love Rollercoaster coming up and we see Leben. I wanted Leben to win hear but I have to spoil myself waking up and I was shocked that The Crippler was clocked by The All-American. Rogan said Leben has a problem against fighters with great footwork. Leben and Stann brawled awesomely until Leben was caught with a punch. Leben then turned zombie and punched the hell out but Stann managed to resist the zombie trance. Leben managed to get up twice and the ref was hesitant stopping the match since Leben loves to fight with adversity but with one massive knee, Leben went down, Stann punched the hell out of him and when the ref can’t see Leben fighting out from the beatdown Stann was giving him, the ref then stopped him.

Post match, Stann dedicated this match to his marine friend who died in Afghanistan before the fight.



Frankie Edgar’s record is thirteen wins... and Gray Maynard. The Answer will try to avenge his only loss in UFC with his speed and determination to protect his belt from getting seized. But The Bully wants to repeat what he did. I mean, aside from the fact that Gray Maynard is backed by Randy Couture, he has last name as a first name! His name is freaking scary!


Maynard won against Edgar with a screwy eye and an injured arm. Let’s see how Frankie can pull off a win with a 100 percent Maynard.

Round One: Edgar and Maynard are sizing each other out. Edgar tried to do acrobat but Maynard caught him and Maynard went berserk! The crowd is livid with three minutes off the clock! Edgar has his nose busted! However, Edgar managed to escape but Maynard had Edgar wobbling anew. Edgar is trying to survive the round while Maynard was unleashing monster strikes. But then Edgar continues to survive! Edgar barely made it out alive!

Round Two: Is it me or has Maynard punched himself out? Could that look like Lesnar versus Carwin in second round of their title match? I also noticed Maynard has some blood underneath his right eye. It seems at the start they are pacing. Edgar is dealing the punches but his legs are wobbly but then Edgar unloaded a monster fist to Gray’s left eye. Gray finished the first round with 97 strikes but it seems his power was nonexistent in the second. Edgar then took Maynard with an OUTSTANDING SLAM! That was fucked up!!! Edgar lands another good right hand! And another1 And another! Considering that Edgar struggled to survive the first round, he was sensational in the second!

Round Three: Maynard’s eye is extra swollen. Couture is trying to tell Maynard to stop head-hunting and go with the game plan! Edgar has been hunting with fists and kicks just like Maynard but Edgar is directing traffic well. Maynard almost caught Edgar’s leg as Frankie was attempting a kick but Edgar averted a potential slam. Maynard combos Edgar with a body blow and also scored with three big time fists to the face which caused Edgar’s nose to find blood anew. Maynard takes down Edgar but Edgar has a kimura on Maynard’s arm. Edgar then gets Maynard to a guillotine but time ran out. It is too close to call but I’m giving this round to Maynard just because he controlled most of the action and Edgar was merely feeding from Gray’s action.

Round Four: Edgar quickly scores a takedown and then a guillotine that Maynard managed to escape. Edgar again took Maynard down and now Edgar is trying to Maynard with Maynard’s back facing Edgar! Edgar is getting stronger while Maynard again looks slow! Edgar is getting creative with his offense and that is bad for The Bully! Edgar again tried for a takedown but as Maynard tried to stop the takedown, Edgar mauls him with a succession of fists to his face! Nice combo from Edgar and The Answer managed to put Maynard on the defensive. Edgar dominated that round.

Round Five: Go get the fucking belt... yes, I heard a curse! Maynard is just in the middle while Edgar’s footwork is top notch. Action slowed down but Edgar is still busy with his combos until Maynard unloaded with a fist to Edgar’s face. Edgar with a nice knee! This time Maynard is starting to move! Edgar with knees leading to a takedown attempt! Two minutes into the fight and there is no clear aggressor in the fifth! Edgar picks up another combo while Maynard tries for another takedown attempt. Edgar again with a great combo but Maynard is getting points from those single punches. Ten seconds left, the swing to the finish! This is perhaps the reason why the decision of this fight was like this! But judging the last round, Edgar was busier.


Post match, obviously both fighters are disappointed. Edgar can’t remember what happened in the first round. Maynard thought he pushed the pace and he thought he won the first, the third, and the fifth round!

Maynard said Happy fucking New Year and let’s do this shit again!

Having no restriction with regards to the F-bombs is awesome!

The decision to make this a no contest fight is shady but nonetheless okay in my standards. The outcome will surely raise hopes for a rematch! Maynard should be durable and Edgar must watch out for The Bully’s arsenal. Maynard must stop Edgar’s speed while Edgar must stop Maynard’s single strikes.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the rematch! This is one of the best matches I've ever seen! 

Game over!


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