Winnie Cooper and start of 2011!

Kevin Arnold didn't see this coming. 


And to further accentuate the awesomeness of the coming year, here is Danica McKellar!

If you remember Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years, then you’ll love this!

So why did I choose Winnie Cooper? You see in the actual series, Kevin Arnold didn’t marry his Winnie Cooper. Winnie wanted to see the world while Kevin had other ideas. Watch the final episode for this information to matter.

Did I spoil it for you? Well you should have watched the series. It’s been what... twenty years since the show was STILL on the air. At least The Wonder Years guided its kids better than Diff’rent Strokes. Aside from being an actor, Fred Savage, the guy who played Kevin, is also a director whose credits involve It’s Always Sunny in Philadephia. Josh Saviano who played Paul is now a lawyer.

I won’t tell you about the kids at Strokes because Wikipedia can give you a better account of their bios.

Meanwhile, Danica is a wife to someone and it seems as if she’s a candidate as Ted Mosby’s wife in the popular sitcom How I Met Your Mother. Sure, Robin is the consensus choice but it would hurt if Trudy, the Pineapple chick with a tendency for girl-and-girl action, could be the mystery girl. She also did a bunch of voice work for various animation projects as well as a guest spot in The Big Bang Theory. And also, for an actress, she's awesome in Math. She's a regular in a show at The Science Channel where she is a math correspondent. In her private life, she plays wifey to composer Mike Verta and mommy to toddler Draco.    

2011 is now moving into action! 

In the meantime, let’s ogle on “mature” Winnie.



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