127 Hours - The Review

Ask anyone – Land Before Time is the saddest cartoon ever. If you want your kid to experience anguish, then that film is for you! Not even those cute finger puppets at Pizza Hut can save the sadness caused by this movie. When Little Foot was crying as his Mom starts to fade after she protected him against the savage tyrannosaur, you are not human if you can’t feel despair. Add the fact the depressing Diana Ross song playing in the background... 

Tears, prepare to be unleashed!

I had tears in my eyes when I saw Christopher Reeve’s Somewhere in Time. That movie is so traumatic that I don’t want to check my pockets to see if I have change.

A Walk To Remember... Rudy... Life is Beautiful... these are titles that can touch you in ways that aren’t pornographic.

While I was compelled with those films, I never shed a tear.

Which brings me to 127 Hours.

Aron Ralston is an adventurer. He likes to check out nature and the goodness it offers. However, a flawed attempt to look cool cost him an arm and his life.


You see, this movie makes you feel for Aron. You envy his life when he tours a bunch of hot chicks to the most serene spot that technology has yet to touch. And yet, you hate to be in his place when he fell alongside a rock that instantly crushes his hand.

When you see him attempt to set himself free, you can’t help yourself but to root for him. When he his water is slowly running out, you find yourself wondering of how you’ll do in that predicament. When he drinks his urine... you find yourself telling the real-life Aron what an awesome person he is for not giving up.

And when he sacrificed his limb to live, you can hear people flinching with disapproval. When his crappy Swiss knife-like tool struck his skin people were looking elsewhere in disgust! When he was cutting his bone using pliers or some tool not meant on clipping bone... fuck it was brutal!

But what can you do? Really??? He was stuck in a rock with food and water rations out and with a raven circling above his head!

Even a mere ant is an enemy for him.

For some insane reason, I haven’t seen Slumdog Millionaire. I know the movie is good and I have a .MOV file of it my computer or in my USB but I don’t know why I don’t want to see it. This was before I saw this movie. The way Danny Boyle imagined this movie was epic. It wasn’t glamorous or tech-filled but it gives you a nice feel to capture the story. His camera angles were mind-blowing and how he envisioned the story made me realize that if I’m going to steal a concept, I’m going to check out his portfolio. Boyle was detailed in telling the story and I can’t really find flaws in this flick except when Aron was imitating a talk show host.

But you see, I think that part is integral to the story. He is trying to be funny even if he is not. Even when he is trying to be funny, the people inside the cinema is thinking that he is just doing this to forget the fact that he is about to die. The video cam is a powerful way to convey his feelings. You feel Aron’s anguish and James Franco did an awesome job portraying the character.

Hell, you gotta feel for him when he tried to jack off when he shot the boobies of the chick he recently met but he doesn’t have the strength to do it!

I have been a fan of James Franco ever since I saw him in Freaks and Geeks... which was unfortunately just two years ago. I know him before that as the guy that portrayed the Green Goblin’s son in the Spiderman franchise and the guy that acted alongside Cesar Montano in The Great Raid. Playing the James Dean-like rebel in the Judd Apatow series, he was awesome. Playing a stoner with a heart in Pineapple Express, it seems as if he is great in these kinds of stoner/hippie/adventurer role which was what Aron Ralston is all about.

You can’t help to enjoy him in this movie because he brings out the awesome. The emotions he unleashes are very real and whenever he tries to untangle himself... do something brave... to something disgusting... and do something bloody, we believe that his work is genuine.

Watching it on your laptop could be good... but watching it on the big screen is awesome. You can see and hear the reactions of the people inside the cinema. The character was seriously established in this movie and I would have given Franco the nod for Best Actor, except that it could have been ruled out since he is also the host of the event alongside Anne Hathaway.

This is such an inspiring tale that should compel people. The way he freed himself and the way he did things just to survive made me realize how important life is.

If Aron just said to his mom that he’s going to that place... or if he just took the normal route... or if he didn’t do things solo, things would have been different. But instead of blaming life, he continues to live it.

This is a beautiful film.

Land Before Time and Somewhere in Time... meet 127 Hours.

Now combine yourselves to have a perfect tear-infested moment!

Game over!  


  1. "When Little Foot was crying as her Mom starts to fade after she protected him..."

    teka ano ba si little foot, lalake o babae?
    and i'm trolling kasi pinaalala mo na naman sa akin ang somewhere in time at land before time.

  2. lalake siguro.

    kasi kung babae siya ang tawag sa kanya siguro ay little foota.