The best wrestling move is HYNOPSIS!


I know it’s not real but I try hard to make people think that professional wrestling is awesome.

WWE is the organization to beat because it combines sports and entertainment (hell, they invented the term). Sure, TNA, ROH, and other wrestling companies spotlight the best wrestlers in the best matches but if you can’t sell the product... then you can’t seriously think that you’re the best.

John Cena might be the goofiest wrestler around but he sells merchandize. Samoa Joe, after being booked in poor matches can’t seriously say that half the world is rooting for him (blame the TNA management for this). WWE is tormented by every mark for going PG but their demographic grew with their choice. Imagine the impact they bring in every time they go to Asia, Oceania, Europe, and hell... random parts of the United States!

Anyway, I like to tell the people about the awesomeness of Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho, Daniel Bryan, John Morrison, Christian, The Miz, and hell, AJ Styles, the Motor City Machine Guns, Beer Money, and Samoa Joe!

But sometimes, things like this happen.

Yes, I did check out their names. And to no surprise, they are called The Osirian Portal. They have been a stable for almost four years now and their tag team finishing move is a devastating tag team manoeuvre named Osirian Sacrament (simultaneous diving leg drop and diving splash).

This is the first time I’ve seen them and if they use this as their set up for their finishing move, then it would have been awesome.

Unfortunately they barely do this.

Such a shame really... because if they can make this popular, they can go to the WWE. And then, WWE will have a reason on why their superstars are dancing like deranged idiots in the ring! 

Game over! 

(By the way, thank Manuel Edralin for giving me this crap.) 


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