Carpooling: Flat Tire

I’ve been carpooling with my parents for almost a month now. We get out of work kind of the same time and it’s better for me to spend my taxi fares on bread and canned goods.

I’m okay with that.

Anyway, our car had a flat tire. It seems as if a nail got through and punctured it... or the tire thought for itself that it is a wonderful idea to blow itself up. Anyway, we emergency parked near the sidewalk. My mom, naive with the wonderings of the night time, was checking my dad as he changes the tire. I’m just holding the flashlight as I watch the “mechanics” of this “phenomenon”... while scoping the scenery for potential evil lurking at the realm of darkness. 

I was constantly telling my mom to stay near us and luckily the guy that popped up near her was a man who genuinely wanted to help us.

The guy crept on us... we said no.

A few minutes later, my dad changed the tire as I returned the flat tire to the trunk.

And then we drove off.

Game over.


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