Checking out Luna Maya

Don't judge the book by its cover... or with the way her video scandal turned out. 

Recently it was reported that Indonesian singer Nazril “Ariel” Irham will get jailed for 42 months having sex in front of a video cam! That AVI, MPEG, MOV or whatever file extension it turned up was jammed to everyone’s mind when it got leaked and was posted on the internet, creating media controversy, ruckus, and him subject to jail time!

Well, it’s not really bad if you look at it. I mean, he didn’t screw a pig or a cow or a chicken or a fish or a panther.

Yes, I said panther.

Finding yourself in an online quandary isn’t really bad except that a huge Muslim country like Indonesia will not tolerate these kinds of actions even if he wasn’t the one who posted the video! If it was Philippines... you get to walk out of court.

But who am I to judge him?

His country is doing it for him anyway.

If it’s any consolation, just like Edison Chen and our very own Hayden Kho, he has great taste in women.

Check out Luna Maya.

She kind of reminds me of Kristine Hermosa.

She’s a 27-year-old actress/model. She also tried her luck in hosting and singing as well. Just like in any other Asian country, it’s almost mandatory for a celebrity to have multiple talents. It seems as if stylish trends start from whatever thing she’s wearing. The camera loves her! Her face is so cute that looking at her lustfully could make you have a conscience.

Fact is though, you might have seen the scandal especially if you’re Indonesian.

If she’s Filipina, you’ll probably see her hanging out in some hotspot Tim Yap owns. Or maybe in the beach where she’s either the life or the party or the party asks her to join to make it seriously awesome! Actually, she owns a bar where she probably packs it with hot people. She owns a boutique and is seen as an epitome of hotness in her country.

She could be like Solenn Heussaff in terms of how she handles herself in public except Solenn’s knows better than to get herself in such a bind.

While I think losing her Lux contract is a big problem, she could be facing a lot of problems in the near future like fixation, people talking about her maliciously, and dealing with the fact that while his boyfriend is in prison paying for his crime, she’s stuck in the outside world trying to live her life. 

She should stop looking hot in the meantime...
and why the hell is she holding that dog's bottom? 

When mainstream culture comes to our country, the opportunity presents itself on whether or not you’ll take what they’re doing in consideration.

Religion should be taken account also.

Particularly in Asian countries!

Imagine if the stunt Tommy Lee and Pam Anderson did was in Indonesia? 

A lesson must be learned here. 

But for Luna Maya and Ariel Irham for that matter, they need to learn to live with the scandal and try to make people forget that it ever happened. 

A tough task? Sure... but what else can they do? 



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