Donaire wins the WBO and WBA Bantamweight Belts

It took Nonito Donaire a little over five minutes of all-out action to unleash the decisive left hook on Fernando Montiel.

It took the five minutes and 25 seconds to make the public realize that he is the new owner of the WBC and WBO bantamweight belts.

For years, Donaire has been targeting the belt Fernando Montiel owned but it seems that the “powers that be” doesn’t want him to do so. Donaire has been been baiting the Mexican fighter to stake his crown which Montiel eventually did. Nonito even predicted a short bout bent to stain Montiel’s championship legacy. Donaire has been an interim champ but those are the belts you couldn’t even show off. With Manny Pacquiao having less and less competition to work on (the consensus mega paydirt is definitely the Floyd Mayweather fight), The Filipino Flash is poised to give the public a bunch of exciting bouts against the best fighters of that division. 

Automatically, Donaire received a USD350,000 purse while Montiel gets a USD250,000 fee. This is odd considering that this happened before the fight and Montiel is the owner of the belts Donaire crave. Donaire is the 2 to 1 odds-on favourite.

So this basically means Montiel is mere dead meat walking to the ring.

While Ronnie Nathanielsz and Dyan Castillejo made the audio of the bout unbearable, the action was screaming of awesomeness. The camera work wasn’t bad but why didn’t the director settled for an arena shot when Donaire was in the ring thanking the Pinoy nation?

Montiel was busy deflecting Donaire’s bombs in the first round. From the get-go, The Filipino Flash is on fire. It seemed though that Montiel was busy looking for kinks against Donaire’s style. When the left hook came, Montiel was angry at himself for letting his guard down. At the canvas, he literally looks like a fish out of water when he struggled to get up. After an initial unsuccessful attempt, Montiel calmed up and stood but it’s as if he is looking at nothing. The ref prolonged Montiel’s agony so that the Mexican won’t blame the ref for stopping the match without his say. But fact is, he was like a zombie when the match restarted and after two pouncing blows, Montiel is no more.

This was a fine feat for Donaire as it cemented the fact that he is Pacman’s heir apparent.

His monstrous win reminded me of how Pacquiao pummelled Ricky Hatton a couple of years back.

It was an awesome, awesome win and we are looking forward for many successful title defenses from The Filipino Flash.

Game over.


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