My GF's EDSA Fun Run Experience

I just grabbed this from her FB page! 

Nice of you to check out my 1000th post!

I wanted to make a nice post. So I’m going to write about my girlfriend. Don’t worry... this post isn’t supposed to be cheesy. Actually It’s somewhat related to sports.

I was with my friends to celebrate my birthday. It was a joint celebration with me and Allan Canlas which was held in Geraldo’s Panay Avenue from 9pm to 3am. We wanted to shelve costs which prompted us to do a joint event.

I was with Cindy from 7pm when we met in SM Megamall until 11pm when she needed to go home.

You see, while I was expanding my stomach with liquor and unwanted fat, she was preparing for the EDSA Fun Run. To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the first EDSA Revolution, 5,000 hopefuls will burn their fats to raise awareness for education in the country. The People Power Revolution is one of the most awesome events in Philippine History. It was the starter of many peaceful democratic protests. It was the total opposite of what happened in Tiananmen Square (human corned beef) and kind of the same of what took place in Egypt. The ouster of the Egyptian dictator sparked a number of peaceful protests all over the Middle East, particularly Ethiopia, Bahrian, Yemen, and Iran. Up to this day, we still applaud the efforts of the “heroes” of EDSA like Cory Aquino, Ninoy Aquino, Jaime Cardinal Sin, Fidel Ramos, Juan Ponce Enrile, Gringo Honasan, June Keithley, Doy Laurel, among others as well as the perceived anti-heroes of the revolution like Ferdinand Marcos, Imelda Marcos, and Fabian Ver.

This is the first time Cindy will run since she participated in the Nike Fun Run (I am sure it’s for a shoe brand). This was when fun runs are still not expensive and Kenyans didn’t flock the event to show off their gazelle-like speed. Cindy and her friends woke up possibly around 4am (which was basically the time that I got to sleep) to race around the country's most popular and most historic highway. The starting point is at the People Power Monument and the runners will run inside the Corinthian Gardens, Medical City, and Robinson’s Galleria... to return to the People Power Monument which also serves as the run’s finish line.

Cindy took the 5k route. The 10k route spans as far as the highway en route to Eastwood.

While they were greeted by the occasional Metro Manila smog, she saw a bunch of Azkals joining them in their jog. Fans flocked the newest representation of Pinoy Pride in the country. They have been training for their upcoming match against the Blue Wolves of Mongolia and the rest of the nation is one in heart in pledging their support for the Azkals.

She said Phil Younghusband is cuter than James.

I think so too.


Cindy is kind of addicted in getting fit. Whenever she eats something, she rarely eats plenty. And even with her thin frame I believe that she’s stronger than me. 

She's also way, WAY faster than me! 

I logged 54 minutes in my first and only 5k run! 

I am totally supportive of her fat-burning hobby!

As long as she supports my body!

Anyway, what the run represented was the spirit of EDSA where men and women of walks of life flock to one place for one common goal. Sure, the cause isn’t as big as toppling a dictator, but nonetheless this is a mission to make the country’s future shine bright.

Game over!


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