FHM Philippines February 2011 – The Review

Call me a nut but isn't this issue awesome?
And yeah, I also read the articles! 

Misa Campo, yet another significant contribution by the Philippines to the world, is the featured babe of the 2011 FHM Philippines issue for this February.

This news is most welcomed since everything history had told us are a bunch of lies.


By the way, this FHM issue is awesome in terms of quality articles.

Game starts now.

Internet sensation Misa Campo is the love month’s cover girl. FHM had a back story at the intro part of the interview on how on earth did they managed such a feat. Just like the first time I saw her, it seems as if she has that Solenn Heussaff, Georgina Wilson, and Bubbles Paraiso aura in her (girls with a mix of foreign blood that looks appealing when they walk on a ramp). However, it seems as if the photo shoot was a step down from her previous online work. 

Bummer... right?

Well... not really.

If you think this issue is a mere waste of cabinet space, then you have another thing coming. Covering parts of Misa’s body will make you concentrate on her pretty face. YES, LET'S STARE AT THE PRETTY'S GIRL FACE! This girl has a very, very underrated smile. Sure, you probably saw the smile... and then you check out her other “assets”. The photographers did a great job exposing her face although they should have done more front shots rather side shots. And with regards for me being a sucker for strange and satisfying concepts, I believe them when they say that the FHM people can only afford pool shots for Misa.

By the way, most topless shots were covered by returning pin-up model and ex-Viva Hot Babe Sachie Sanders.

Dammit... why am I SO picky!?!  

There were a lot of good reads from the issue.

For instance, if you want to see forever virgin, there is a 47-year-old man in this issue that you need to laugh at. Sure, he’s brave to tell his tale but I can’t give him plus points for being so wimpy. Honestly dude, how can you find a relationship when can’t really connect with a chick emotionally and physically? It’s either you can go to a strip club or “wellness” center and unleash your inner D.O.M., or ACTUALLY COURT A LIVING BEING!

Another worthy read is the parade of Dick Flicks. I’m quite happy that they included a bunch of stoner and raunchy comedy flicks to diffuse the bloodbath. However, I find the roster incomplete. For starters, FHM forgot Jet Li. When I was in grade school and in high school, the Once Upon In China franchise was the bomb! Wong Fei Hong jumping and gliding to practice Kung Fu made a lot of kids spend their summer vacation mimicking those moves on each other! American Pie thought us to use the internet for more important scenarios while Antonio Banderas from the Desperado series made us believe that a mariachi band is super awesome... especially in safe-keeping guns in their guitar cases. Sure, Will Smith’s kid may have messed up the franchise (it’s Karate not KUNG FU) but you can’t argue the impact the first and second Karate Kid movies did to men. Saving Private Ryan, Full Metal Jacket, Enemy At The Gates, and Tropic Thunder are great war movies.

Where is Fight Club?

Jerry Maguire?

And what’s the deal leaving out the James Bond franchise as well as the franchise of its demented little brother, Austin Powers!

But my favourite part of the issue was the history lesson. There was a part in the issue where they reveal history’s biggest secrets. We have heard a bunch of tales with regards to our heroes, but UST’s Dr. Augusto De Viana and UP’s Ambeth Ocampo gave us hints on their various flaws. Who knew that Agapito Flores was a mere pigment of our imagination created by Manuel Quezon to make us believe that the Filipinos back then are awesome? Sure, I’ve heard stories about the Andres Bonifacio versus Emilio Aguinaldo feud but this Clemente Jose Zulueta fellow is one scheming bastard! And the death of Bonifacio was heavily exploited by Quezon which is why Aguinaldo lost to Quezon on becoming the first president of the Commonwealth. I am such a history nut and the fact that they unloaded a bunch of historians to dish out the anomalies of history made me love the issue even more!

Tirso Cruz III was in a drag in this issue! You should see him in I Heart You Pare!

I learned a lot from the various scents coming out of my body!

Angel Smith, Kim Lee, Kissa Kurdi, and Aya Alonzo smoked hot in this issue!

There are a lot of awesome inventions made by Pinoys!  

And Super Boingg, a retarded character I barely read, just hopped on an expensive car...

And I still DON’T CARE!


Oh and by the way, one great thing about this FHM issue is that it comes in a box. The box includes various things a guy might need in case of emergency.

If you can’t take hints, then you must be the 47-year old virgin!

Game over!


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