Gut check time

This shouldn't look gay... hopefully. 

Nothing says “I love you but you need to not look like a walrus” than Men’s Health’s COACH.

This was Cindy’s Valentine’s gift for me. I gave her a stuff toy so I expected a bunch of cool statement shirts. I should be mad... especially since she called the stuff dog “Hiro” instead of my preferred “Al Bantay”... but no. I am trying to defeat gravity by exercising and eating the right food. My weight ballooned to 227lbs and I hate it.

I am trying to corrupt my mass by doing a bunch of things “healthy”. Thanks to Aljur Abrenica’s “Machete Diet” (which was further promoted by my friend, Tin) I learned to eat kamote for breakfast. I am now finally using the magnetic treadmill I bought a couple of months ago. The first time I re-used it, cobwebs surfaced. My sister recently bought an AB Rocket. I plan to use that too but crunching is brutally hard. I could join my officemates when they try to run at Amoranto or carry around weights in some hardcore gym but it's been a while and nothing has happened since.  

I have a “five songs” mentality when in the magnetic treadmill. Regardless of whatever song that starts up on my laptop, when it hits five songs, I automatically stop. I don’t normally hate Wolfgang, but when I hear “Halik ni Hudas”, the 9-minute live concert, instrumental-filled version, I freak out! When I have a cough, I usually close all of my windows and “air guitar” in my room. I imagine I have a set and then I just jump, headbang, and punch in the air while I listen to Eraserheads, Wolfgang, Rivermaya, Parokya ni Edgar, Sugarfree, Itchyworms, Razorback, Yano, Tanya Markova... you know the drill.

Sure, it gets me sweaty and while it’s fun, it targets nothing on my system.

Well, perhaps my cardio or something...

Last Friday, I attempted to donate in my company’s blood drive. I wanted to give back the blessings I received even if I’m going to give people my crappy, hypertensive, and fatty liver blood. I was rejected because I took medication for my excessive coughing but I was delighted from what I noticed.

At the start of February, I was at 227 pounds. I don’t know if the weighing scale is accurate but at the blood drive (February 18), I logged in at 215 pounds. While the scale could be inaccurate and no thanks to the weekend, I possibly gained back what I have lost, I am happy because there is still hope for me.

I don’t plan to get macho and muscular or anything, but I plan to at least slide down to under 200 pounds by the end of this year. According to Men’s Health, there is still hope for beer-drinking but I have to check out the things I eat because beer is notorious for making you hungry.  

So beer, even if I don’t drink that much, will still be my friend. 

I also tried out the exercises inside the DVD. I saw this "Judo pushup" stunt where its like a pushup but you need to wiggle while slide down.  

My back hurts because of that. 

That "No pain, no gain" maxim sucks. 

Game over!


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