I admit, Bieber can move

Justin Bieber looked like the NBA I Love This Game cartoon.

Well, this is not a bad compliment. Bieber might have oversized gear as he combat stars that are oversized to his disadvantage, but he managed to wow the crowd with his amazing plays.  

I can’t really be a fan of Justin Bieber’s music.

First of all, I barely like dance music.

Second of all, I don’t really care about his music. Don’t hate me. I just don’t. That Baby song stuck because most FM stations are playing it. I don’t know his other songs.

However, one thing you gotta like about Bieber is that he is a sport.

The 2011 NBA All-Star Game was fun in so many levels. Sure, there were a lot of buzz with the Slam Dunk Contest that Blake Griffin won or the actual All-Star Game where Kobe Bryant allegedly ball-hogged to soar for 37 markers and 14 boards, but one of the highlights of the weekend was this tweener idol owning players half of his height.

Sure, Scottie Pippen blocked him and rapper Common pushed him off to make him fall but The Bieb doesn’t care about anything and does only what he thinks is good for his self.

For every extra small Bieber condom photoshop pic, we get this.

Okay. This was kind of crappy. This is annoying and downright crappy. However, while Chuck Norris can withstand anything thrown to him, there is no way that he can resist the force that is Justin Bieber. What do you think will Chuck Norris do when Justin Bieber and the rest of his Bielebers blurt out that murderous “Wohowohowo” chant?

How can Norris possibly deal with a bunch of tweeners protecting their leader?

Should Chuck join Justin and align himself with Usher?

The last thing Norris needs right now is taking away his peace.

Like I said, even if the rest of the world makes fun of him, he manages to put his best foot forward... regardless of whatever shit he is in right now.

It is easy to compare Bieber with John Cena because both guys only cater to kids. One reason why Bieb won the Celebrity MVP Award is because for some reason, there are a lot of girls watching a basketball game. Most of his shots are uncontested and Pippen should have won because he was the best player in the WINNING team. 

I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt though. Seeing the fact that Bieber can make a fool out of himself and at the same time, execute a bunch of awesome moves that I don’t know he can do. The lob that became an alley-oop was an interesting play because it made me think that he knows the game. His sick bait and pass to AC Green move was good also.  

He needs to fall more though. 

Sure, you still won’t dig his music. I still honestly don’t. Hell, you’ll probably think that he is still a crappy kid that ranked seventh in the Most Googled Women list but at least you need to give him props for his game.

Game over.


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