James Van Der Beek: Asshole for Hire

He has the looks and yet he is too "superior" to bang Katie Holmes' character in Dawson's Creek! 

Every time we see this face, it reminds of the time where we thought being nice can win off the chick of your dreams.

We all got duped by the character called Dawson Leery. He pursued his dreams and he was respectful for his chick and before you know it, here comes Pacey!

Each and every one of us had seen “Pacey”.

Not until Meteor Garden did we finally realize that acting like a tool and treating people like scum is the perfect way to win a woman’s heart. Sure, Dao Ming Xi is a shitty bastard but whoever knew that his antics could make the Meteor Garden chick giddy in awesomeness means whatever he is doing is effective.

Damn you Dawson.

I personally had an experience with regards to this. Secretly putting an almost dying rose in a girl’s knapsack is retarded. Singing Color Me Badd’s All 4 Love in front of the class just to impress a girl is sick! Whoever told me that creative writing inside a frog origami should have an infestation of pubic lice inside their crotch area! Being sincere without having a decisive plan sucks!  

Niceness should happen after you finished scheming for their affection!

With this prompted me to hunt down James Van Der Beek’s Funny or Die video where he tries to take solace to all the goody crap he did that fucked up a bunch of high school and college attempts to land a chick.

I am going to thank James Van Der Beek for at least trying to mend the mistakes he did for those men who believed in him during the 90’s.

Now if that Growing Pains guy would do the same, then that would be cool.

Game over!


  1. "Niceness should happen after you finished scheming for their affection"

    finally you said something that makes sense. but you're still a turd

  2. dude you agreed.

    nuff said! hehe!