John Cena battle raps The Rock!


For the past two weeks, we are treated with awesomeness. The Rock returned to the WWE after seven long years and he made everyone know why he is one of the best talkers in sports entertainment history.

If I was going to say it, I’d rank him first ahead of Stone Cold Steve Austin and Mick Foley.

The current Wrestlemania 27 card is anything but stellar. If WWE is lucky, the best main event they need to have right now is John Cena versus The Rock. Sure, Cena won the Number One Contender match in Elimination Chamber but this match needs to happen.

Triple H and The Undertaker returned to Monday Night Raw and it is revealed that The Game will be the next guy poised to break Undertaker’s streak!

But last February 21, 2011 – all eyes were focused on the brewing rivalry that The Rock and Cena are unfolding.

To accentuate this point, Cena answered his critics by something he has never done for a long time now. The Doctor of Thug-o-nomics is back! Fans were livid, and the anticipation for the Rock versus Cena confrontation is on full throttle now.

While sure, Cena is still a fruity, corny guy because pro-PG WWE needs him to be like that. But when let loose, he can dish out his awesome rhymes that can make people literally cheer for him. What Cena said was the truth and Rocky needs to explain this next week. This is the Cena I want to see and not the marine-loving, kid-friendly douchebag with boring promos who is almost undefeatable when inside the ring!

This verbal tussle is what fans need right now. It invokes interest for the product. On a marketing standpoint, Cena versus The Rock is like boxing’s Manny Pacquiao versus Floyd Mayweather! Sure, this probably won’t happen... but the fans want it!

What Miz’ role will be remains in question. The Rock and Cena could settle their differences after to battle Miz or The Rock could be the special guest ref of their fight and then screw either Cena or Miz. Maybe Rocky would make a run-in and take out both superstars? The Rock has stated that he will never wrestle again, and WWE fans should be happy that he doing his awesome promos.

But “laying the smack down” via a People’s Elbow or a Rock Bottom shouldn’t be that straining.

I mean... David Arquette did that more than twice and he is virtually a non-wrestler.

The last time Rocky wrestled was when he was teaming up with Mick Foley against Evolution’s Ric Flair, Randy Orton, and Batista. They lost and Rocky was more than a backup more than anything to Mick and afterwards he just disappeared.

Now that he is arguably the promotion’s top draw, maybe he’ll try to make things interesting.

Wrestlemania time makes sports entertainment awesome.

I’m actually interested to catch the action leading to it.

Game over.


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