The Kwame Brown Lottery

Jordan is looking at a problematic situation. 

In spite of my love for Michael Jordan, I hate him as a General Manager.

His Airness picked Kwame Brown as the top pick and he believed Kwame when he said he’ll take the Washington Wizards to the top!

By the way, his real name is Kwame James Brown.

Yes, you saw James Brown.

So how come he has bad footwork?

Since becoming the first pick overall in the 2001 Draft, Kwame has been the butt of jokes. He was one of a few players in the draft that could have benefitted on a college basketball career but because some crazy scout thought he was good for the NBA, he opted out of a college career and went straight to a championship. Kwame told Jordan and then-Wizards coach Doug Collins that they will never regret their decision to draft him.

A decade later, Kwame Brown has become a larger than life... BUST!

Yes, I’m usually lenient and loving to not-so-stellar players but Kwame has convinced people that drafting him was a mistake. He had every opportunity to live his moment but he keeps on killing it. On-court, he needs to be motivated. Off-court, he needs to be restrained.

This was a Stephen A. Smith comment when Kwame was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers for Pau Gasol.

Tyson Chandler, who is a great rebounder and defender, could have gone to college to hone his offensive skill set. Pau Gasol should have been the top pick but I don’t think he had the proper exposure to make people think that he is a credible franchise player. Gasol after all was an international player who has yet to see action in American soil.

In a twist of fate, Gasol would exalt his revenge to everyone who thought he was too high in the draft order.

Jason Richardson was the fifth pick. Joe Johnson was the tenth pick. Richard Jefferson was the 13th... Zach Randolph was 19th... Gerald Wallace was 25th... Tony Parker was 28th... Gilbert Arenas was 30th... and Memo Okur was 37th.

All of their careers are tons better than what Kwame has right now.

Before landing to Charlotte, Kwame was dropped by Detroit.

If you think about it, the developments his career made are enough reasons for people to make a video like this!

Currently playing for the Charlotte Bobcats, he is averaging 7 points and almost 7 rebounds in 22 minutes. Considering that he climbed up from 12th man hellhole means that Kwame wants to try to destroy the things that were said with regards to his career.  

A good Kwame means redemption for both Kwame and Jordan, who was actually instrumental for Kwame to land in Charlotte. Jordan challenged Kwame to do whatever is needed to make the last parts of his career worthwhile.

Considering that he is just about to turn 29 on March 10, this 11-year veteran technically still has youth on his side.

The question he needs to ask himself – is whether or not coaches trust the disaster known as Kwame.

Even video games hate Kwame.

Game over. 

(By the way, thank you Jorge for posting the lottery on Facebook!) 


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