Love for Griffin and then some for Ibaka

The future looks bright for The Beast! 

I thought Serge Ibaka should have been in the finals rather than Javale McGee. Sure McGee brought the awesome by putting in two balls in a twisted version of Larry Nance’s 2-ball feat but the three balls dunk was far less stellar than what Ibaka did with the stuff toy or that super awesome free throw dunk.

Sure, Ibaka is long but the impact he had pulling off that dunk was downright vicious! The teddy bear was also an awesome touch but the kid was overreacting. I also think that the “skit” was left hanging as after the kid got the stuffed toy, he was carried out of the court by a bunch of burly security guys.

For McGee, well... his graceful first finals dunk was fantastic. I guess if I wasn’t that awed with Ibaka’s dunk, I would have loved all of his dunks.

Still, the night belonged to Blake Griffin. McGee, Ibaka, and DeMar Derozan had a lot of things to offer but Griffin was at a class of his own. It would be a grand slam of sorts for Griffin if he rim-rattles his way to awesomeness in the coming All-Star Game give the West All-Stars an emphatic victory.

His last dunk was a tough act to follow. Only his stature could emit enough epicness to carom a choir to sing the epic basketball song “I Believe I Can Fly”, get a Fiat to the stadium where the ball will be tossed by Baron Davis who is inside the car! This had presentation written all over him and McGee could only do a “basic” dunk when people were still in awe of what Blake did and that spelled the end for McGee.

This dunk, while basic without the pageantry, swayed 68 percent of the texters to vote for Blake.

However, the elbow dunk was more than impressive.

The dunk is as if he was channelling Vince Carter. The lob made a difference here though. Vince had the ball so you know it is controlled while Blake had to time it perfectly in order to produce an emphatic slam.

But perhaps the dunk that made me shriek like a Japanese schoolgirl didn’t happen in the dunk off. This happened during the Rookies versus Sophomores game where the Rookies led by MVP John Wall and Griffin connived to give us this!

This should have been part of the contest.

Congrats Blake Griffin!

Game over!


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