The Macchibo is so manly!


I have to eat whatever bad press I’ve been saying to Evilbrain.

He is responsible for my “reconnection” with DJ Ozma. The guy’s videos are awesome and they are well-produced. His songs are catchy and you can like it even if you don’t know what the hell he is saying.

Anyway, I was hunting for an awesome dance step for work-related purposes. I saw how the Fox Channel is doing their plugs and I’m envious of their work especially their “The Good Guys” TVC. I want to do a shoot where the people I’ll use will do a series of “very, very manly” dance moves.

So from the makers of Drinkin’ Boys, I found Macchibo.

So thank you, Evilbrain for Spiderman and I Rave You.

May people think not of murderous rage whenever they check out whatever videos you offer!  

And now the hard part: How can I make my officemates ass their selves up in front of the camera?

Game over. 


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