Manny's real story

Seeing this reminded me of the Datu Puti commercials of old. 

I just saw Manny Pacquiao’s Datu Puti commercial. Yes, I haven’t been checking out Free TV lately. For I guy that loves to watch TV, I feel so outdated.

Admittedly, the TVC was funny. Who would ever think that his boxing career started when Mommy Dionesia asked Manny to buy vinegar?

I would have been happy if Datu Puti got the real Freddie Roach or at least Erik Morales to pose as the “boss” that he would knock out in that impromptu action scene. Isn’t Erik fond of Boracay? Jinkee looked comfortable in the camera and the guy posing as Roach was good here.

Still, it would have been better if it was Roach who was actually eating in some carinderia checking out the guy that was pummelling what could be a bunch of foreign exchange students from Mexico and Africa!

In all, I like it... the TVC was well-crafted.

Game over.


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