Melo-drama ends in New York

Melo gets to play in front of his home crowd. 

The Melo-drama is finally over.

Following The Decision, where Cleveland had to suffer the ordeal of losing their beloved Lebron James, in some ways, Denver followed suit with the loss of Carmelo Anthony to the New York Knicks.

However unlike the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Nuggets assured themselves that they won’t experience the same fate as their Eastern counterparts.

I don’t how the Denver fans would react with the development but it is not as if they are kept in the dark. I can’t really see them burning their Melo jerseys. Sure, they’ll boo him when they see him don a different uniform but perhaps deep inside they want their superstar to retire with a championship ring. For seven months they have been booing Melo but they can’t really boo him much because in fairness to Melo, he is still trying to make this season for the Nuggets a winning one. It’s just unfortunate that Carmelo can’t see himself winning a championship at Denver.

After their trade with the New Jersey Nets failing, they tried to push for a Melo to Lakers route. Unfortunately, the Lakers don’t want to release Andrew Bynum. During the All-Star game, Melo has hinted that he wants to finish this Melodrama as quickly as possible. Only two teams mattered at this point – the New York Knicks... and the Nets who wanted back on the trading of Melo. The Nets were offering youth but if you ask Nuggets coach George Karl, he’ll rather trade with the Knicks than with the Nets.

His wishes were answered.

KEY FINDS: Carmelo Anthony, Chauncey Billups, Corey Brewer, Anthony Carter, Shelden Williams, Renaldo Balkman.
VERDICT: Fantasy-wise, this spells doom for Melo and Stat owners. I mean both guys are points/rebounds players and it’s not as if they are double-digit rebounders to being with. Real life-wise, New York gets the one-two punch they desperately wanted ever since Allan Houston and Latrell Sprewell last played for the squad. With Billups orchestrating, expect a lot of oh’s and ah’s from the fans. However, I am not giddy of trading Raymond Felton. Sure, these three were on the Redeem Team... but Felton was instrumental in Stat’s 30+ game streaks. But if there is one thing Anthony can do... it’s that he can play well alongside other superstars. Didn’t he have a thing with Allen Iverson back when The Answer was still a superstar? At sixth place, it’s possible that the Knicks can have an outside chance at fourth place but this all depends on how these guys mesh.

KEY FINDS: Raymond Felton, Wilson Chandler, Danilo Gallinari, Timofey Mozgov, one first round choice, and two second round choices.
VERDICT: Actually if you think about it, Denver could have another playoff-bound season next year. This season is not a lost cause for them either. Denver is hanging by a thread in the seventh spot with Utah and Memphis breathing at their backs. They have a core of vets and youngsters who are hungry to prove a point that even a Melo-less Denver could still be a playoff contender. Felton will take Billups’ place with Ty Lawson hovering to snatch his spot while Chandler and Gallinari will try to get the plays previously designed for Melo. With them and old hands JR Smith and Aaron Afflalo, the SG and SF plays lost with the Anthony trade could still be salvaged. In case of emergency, the draft picks could be handy in the offseason. Denver is an automatic success story when they win the championship although I wouldn’t bet my whole life savings on it. When that happens, expect Melo to throw a fit!

KEY FINDS: Anthony Randolph and Eddy Curry.
VERDICT: They only proved that they are great conduits. If you think these players will help the team, then you must have your head checked. Curry is nothing more than an injured player with a huge paycheck and Randolph will be at the mercy of Kevin Love and Darko Milicic in terms of minutes.

In terms of merchandising, expect a lot of New York fans to grab a bunch of Melo jerseys. Unfortunately for Melo, he can’t use his number because Earl Monroe has already retired the Number 15 jersey. In terms of hype, yeah... bet that the New York faithful will have something to cheer at. But one thing about the Knick fans are they are brutally affected with the way their team plays. If you remember back in the day, these fans are notorious for booing their own team when they lose. Imagine that from the time of Walt Frazier and Willis Reed... to the time of Patrick Ewing, John Starks, and Charles Oakley... to the time of Marcus Camby, Houston, and Sprewell... to the time of David Lee and Nate Robinson.

But certainly this time it’s definitely the best for the Knicks. New York has finally rid itself of the monumental salary cap they amassed when they picked up the contracts of Stephon Marbury and Steve Francis, among others.   

The only problem they need to defeat right now is losing.

With Stat and Melo on Mike D’Antoni’s roster, can the Knicks expect their losses to be scarce?  

Game over.  

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