Melo to Lakers?

If Ron Artest is still with the squad, then what number will he use?

By the way... thanks to Lex Oracion for the pic.

I’m going to stop being arrogant to whatever Fantasy League that I will face you.

Moving on...

This is an image on what it would be like if Carmelo Anthony joins the Los Angeles Lakers. There have been reports that Andrew Bynum could see himself going to the Denver Nuggets and he might possibly have Ron Artest in his carpool.

Fact is, I can’t really see Anthony joining the Lakers nor do the Nuggets get an able player to replace their chief scoring option inside Showtime territory. For one thing: Denver is still in the running for an upper playoff spot. Since drafting Melo, Denver has been on the Western Conference’s upper echelon. Also, if they get Bynum, they will have a pretty cramped frontline. Sure, they have Nene, Chris “Birdman” Andersen, Al Harrington, and Kenyon Martin – and these guys aren’t dominant compared to the presence of Bynum but... what will they do to the empty void left by Melo?

Plus, Ron Artest isn’t really the best player to be sent in the unloading list as of late. Artest’s numbers are sporadic at best and he is one of those heavily-criticized for the Lakers’ lackluster 2011 performance. He also has a huge pay cut and it’s not as if they can have another team where they can dump Artest in. There were reports that Washington’s Kirk Hinrich will be sent to the Lakers but the Lake Show is offering Ron Artest.

The team just unloaded Gilbert Arenas and they have a bunch of feuding big men in Javale McGee and Andray Blatche (their feud resembles another dysfunctional Washington frontcourt tandem of the yesteryears Brendan Haywood and Etan Thomas).

So why the hell would they need another problem child?

The best team to pick up Melo continues to be the New York Knicks. The Knicks will be willing and able to shell out Wilson Chandler and Landry Fields/Danilo Gallinari... and these guys can fill the void that Melo would leave. In return, the Knicks could have a big three coming in especially with Aaron Brooks allegedly headed to New York.

While Denver will lose a merchandising tool in Anthony, they will inherit a bunch of future stars.

Both teams are in the running for playoff spots so I expect these two will find a way to get players to favor their cause.

Contrary to what people say, Carmelo and Kobe Bryant could work in LA. Maybe they should test the 2011 All-Star Game to see if they could seriously mesh. But fact is, Kobe and Pau Gasol are having problems as of late and with Kobe tired of doing things alone, Carmelo could be his perfect complement. Imagine these two running the break for the Lakers. Offense-wise, they would be unstoppable!

However, before you imagine a Finals showdown with Dwyane Wade going against Bryant, Lebron James facing Melo, and Chris Bosh fighting against Pau Gasol... you need to check out the Boston Celtics.

Taking out Bynum means Lamar Odom and Gasol would have to battle Kevin Garnett, Shaquille O’Neal, Jermaine O’Neal, Glen Davis, and Kendrick Perkins by their lonesome.

Game over.


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