One of Pippen's best plays... ever.

Scottie Pippen is such a phenomenal player. He is perhaps one of the best backups in NBA history and he acknowledges this to a “T”. However, not everyone agrees to this.

Michael Jordan, for one, comes to mind.

Even if Pips never led a team without Jordan past the Western Conference finals, Jordan would always acknowledge that His Airness wouldn’t have six championship rings if he didn’t have Pips on his side.

Besides, Jordan never led the Washington Wizards past the eliminations.

But fact is, that team was abysmal to begin with.

Aside from being MJ’s best backup, Pippen is one of the game’s best defenders. Joining forces with Jordan in the Chicago Bulls’ lineup, they create a dynamic duo hell-bent to literally make their adversaries bleed for their points. Just like Magic Johnson, Pippen can orchestrate despite his size. Unlike Magic though, Pippen was given the distinction as one of the league’s premier point forwards – a position unheard of until the rise of Pippen.

Going back to his awesome plays, Pippen has an extensive library for his superbness.

I think that Patrick Ewing dunk was one of the best game dunks I have ever seen considering he mauled it against one of the league’s all-time best! However, let’s check out an awesome defensive play from Pips.

Sure, that was a foul but I believe that foul was more because of Shaquille O’Neal’s superstardom more than anything. However, perhaps that sort of block was surpassed by an epic move Pips did after his NBA career folded.

Well, as a consolation prize for Justin Bieber, he did win the MVP of the Game Award.

Game over.


  1. Labo. Syempre he never led his teams past the West finals without MJ. Sa East kaya ang Chicago. And if you meant his stints in Houston and Portland, those weren't /his/ teams.

    At si Magic ay ang pinaka magaling na point-forward/center, ano ka ba. Magic was 6'8" - 6'9", and the only one who could DOMINATE all 5 positions. Case in point: 1980 finals, he started at center chong. Showtime Lakers didn't have a point guard: they had Magic, who played point-forward lalo na pag magkasama sila ni Byron Scott. Don't let the fact na listed sya as PG fool you; pag hindi sila nagffastbreak, crash boards si Magic - para maka outlet pass. Kaninong trabaho usually yon? Forward. Magaling si Pippen sa magaling, and he had the handle and an offensive court vision that would rival any point guard's, pero to say na hindi kasama Magic sa premiere point-forwards, at na si Pippen nagpa simula non... mali ka.

  2. ha! you failed to see the point!

    i was setting this up for the bieber block!

    besides, i disagree! who do you think is the leader of portland back then? bonzi wells???

  3. Nice Blog! Idol ko yan talaga si Scottie Pippen! -Alan Canlas

  4. thanks 'lan!

    at oo, ask and you shall receive! hehe!