Party Time

This is Phil playing for Chelsea

Normally, I would have insulted this.

Not this time though.

Whatever alcohol, showbiz dream, or lunacy these guys unearthed on their system to make this video, I say that it’s okay for them to do this.

The Brothers Younghusband earned the right to do whatever they wish on the net.

What we have witnessed right now is Phil Younghusband revealing to everyone his secret dance moves. Sure, this move could pretty much launch the second coming of the Universal Motion Dancers (or their bastard baby brother, the Abstract Dancers), but imagine the various chicks he undressed using that manly dance move.

The Younghusband brothers are pretty much the poster boys of Philippine Football. With the continuing nationwide support for the sport, Phil and James will spearhead a campaign to make our country competitive in the international scene.

Sure, basketball is our first love but football can give us a fighting chance in the international stage. Chris Tiu and the rest of Team Pilipinas could prove me wrong but in this sport, the issue of height is not that important.

Just like the Philippine Azkals’ broadcast partner’s camera work, our offense is slowly improving. And just like the football venues across the nation, our fans are slowly realizing the goldmine we have right now.

However, part of the success of the Azkals can’t be seen in front of 25,000 fans inside Panaad Stadium. As of late, the Azkals have become a great marketing tool. Their merchandise is selling like hotcakes and their faces are often seen in the news. Ever since Azkalmania has erupted, everyone wants to know about their games, training, issues, love life, and even the most stalker-y of details.

Phil in particular, is making waves in the soccer field as well as in the entertainment field. If you click his name and look for his pictures, expect a bunch of images of the Fil-Brit wearing either a skimpy underwear two sizes smaller or a dahon ng laurel.

There... I said it.

Just kidding for the laurel part.

For the sake of becoming football-related, they photoshopped a football near Phil. 

If you just touched your crotch area after staring at his picture... then you are not a man.

Phil almost took the showbiz route a few years back when it was announced that he and his brother were part of Chelsea and no one cared because football wasn’t popular then. Phil joined GMA’s Celebrity Duets and was a frequent guest in various shows. But football was his first love and Phil, alongside James, Neil Etheridge, Chris Greatwich, Jason De Jong, and the rest of the Azkals made the sport popular in these parts.

This is a video clip when he guested in GMA’s defunct comedy program Nuts Entertainment.

In their current stature, these guys can act as our heroes. Sure, they can’t be said as the best in the world but at least they are making a respectable bid to become the best in the region.

So I encourage Phil and his peeps to post anything in the web that will not require a Senate inquiry. They could do “joke time” moments, sing show tunes, dressed in drag, kiss a pig, do Jackass stuffs, and even dance random Gloria Estefan songs!

It is safe to say that the country, starving for worldwide recognition, will support the team’s endeavours. 

But as a request, people should upload more of their Azkal-related pictures in the internet. Seriously, the last thing I want to have in my site right now are a bunch of people jacking off of the Phil Younghusband pics!

Dammit, here’s the link of my Misa Campo article!



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