The Rock returns to WWE

Finally The Rock has come back in WWE!

His return has been inside of wrestling sites. People have branded him as a sellout, a guy that ditched the business never to return.

Holy fuck.

He is still awesome.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson or simply The Rock because we hate this side of him so much has returned to WWE to electrify us anew! Seven years has passed since he last set foot in the ring, he returned with a hellacious turnout... except for the fact that most of his fans have grown older. Sure, even if we know this return is short-lived, he made us remember why he was dubbed as the most electrifying man in all of (SPORTS) entertainment.

There has never been a great talker in all of wrestling as monumental as The Rock. If you think about it, Cena, The Miz, and Randy Orton (before The Viper mode) tried to portray themselves a la Rocky. Unfortunately for them, fans find it easy to spot originals from rehashes (which is why The Viper Orton is over with the fans than his first “face” act). He is better than Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, Macho Man Randy Savage, Bret Hart, and Hulk Hogan in this department. The only persons that can see rivalling him in this category are Stone Cold Steve Austin and Mick Foley.

Too bad Mick Foley damaged his career by aligning himself with TNA.

(Writer’s Note: Hey Mick! Now is the proper time to return to WWE to wash up the crap TNA gave you.)

I became a wrestling fan because of the Attitude Era wrestlers and The Rock was running that show alongside Stone Cold, Mick, Undertaker, Triple H, HBK, DX, Hardy Boyz, Edge and Christian, Chris Jericho, The Radicalz, The Dudleyz, Bret Hart and the Hart Foundation, among others. He can automatically make a feud credible with his mouth (see his feud with The Hurricane) and while he is an average wrestler, he can still rile people up with the way he does things.

Anyway, once his entrance theme popped, the crowd erupted like crazy. Kids can’t seem to get what was happening since they could only have John Cena as their role model. The moment he stepped on the ring, he controlled the fans on the palm of his hands. Never in the current face of wrestling has the ability to wow the crowd like he could.

By the way, ever noticed how he said “ass” in his long promo? Come to think of it, did anyone notice that his segment run for more than 20 minutes? You see, five minutes of John Cena or Triple H is boring at times. The Rock has the license to do whatever he wants without failing the crowd. This is the reason why some fans felt betrayed when he parted ways with wrestling.

But I think they should know this was bound to happen.

Before his stock rose, wrestlers were doing crappy B movies. Can you really say Roddy Piper and Sting’s movies were great action movies? Sure, Hulk Hogan was in a Rocky movie... but afterwards... how many crap movies did he do? Sure, The Rock was no better with a bunch of action duds but he had a couple of big budget flicks in his system and that was attributed because the camera loves him!

Ready to Rumble?

Don’t hate the said art film!  

Fans erupted whenever he unleashed his various catchphrases.

And then he played around John Cena.

You see, Rapper Cena was one of the best characters produced by the WWE. G.I. Cena was their new age version of Hulk Hogan. Fact is, I cringe at those vitamins/six inch phytons speech he was giving in the 80’s. I was a Hollywood Hogan fan but that fanfare fails when compared to The Rock.

In an interview, Cena said The Rock was crazy to ditch the fans like that. It was as if Cena was saying The Rock only used wrestling as his stepping stone (this was one of Rocky’s heel persona en route to his last match against Goldberg). Sure, Cena could be partly right but Rocky can’t really match the ovation the crowd always has for him every time he steps into an arena.

Some are saying that Wrestlemania doesn’t really have enough establish stars to make it the greatest show in sports entertainment. While The Rock’s presence as the PPV’s guest host could destroy a bunch of storylines because this will make people not care on the storylines even more, a Rock and Stone Cold moment (since Austin is the new host of the new and improved WWE Tough Enough) in Wrestlemania could be awesome.

Game over.


  1. Yes..
    my favorite wrestler make his came back..
    love it..
    im going to love to watch WWE again..

  2. don't get your hopes up.

    this is just for wrestlemania.

    but nonetheless, it is still cool.