The Rock versus The Hurricane

Because of the awesomeness that brought The Rock back to WWE, I’m going to hunt down ten awesome feuds The Rock has had over the years.

The Hurricane started and ended his WWE run as a goofy comedy wrestler. Never mind if he had a couple of great runs as Hurricane Helms at the start of his WWE run and as Gregory Helms where he became tired of the gimmick, turned heel, and became aggressive. The Hurricane was meant to be a nerdy character used to either humiliate a superstar or job for an upcoming superstar.

Enter The Rock.

The Rock then has become a popular movie actor after his appearance in the Mummy Returns which led to The Scorpion King.

Here, the ever-so-righteous Hurricane was castigating The Rock because he turned against his millions of his fans because he became larger than life.

And then here is another segment where The Rock and The Hurricane are trading jabs with each other.

By the way, wrestlers shouldn’t wear braces.

Hey a Lebron James reference!

The match had a crappy ending but the fans believe in the underdog. The Rock was playing snotty and snobby that everyone was rooting for him to fail.

One thing The Rock can do is he can make a crappy feud work. The feud worked because he gave The Hurricane a fighting chance. He made a lot of people believe in him. Sure, Stone Cold Steve Austin was The Rock’s main feud but without The Hurricane, that feud wouldn’t have been extremely entertaining. And kudos for The Hurricane too. I think this was the best they used of The Hurricane and it sucks that his role went downhill after that encounter.

If you can see here, The Rock’s ovation was a little bit louder while The Hurricane’s ovation got a little stale. Vince McMahon banned The Hurricane for using he choke slam because when he uses it, the effectiveness of the finisher diminishes. This is pretty much the beginning of jobberville for Helms...

To think that he has one of the most awesome backup in Rosey the SHIT – Super Hero In Training.

I’m going to check out for more Rocky moments in Youtube.

Game over.


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