Booker and Nash back in the WWE to everyone's delight!

This is not the Royal Rumble poster but two or potentially three
 of the five people in the poster are employed by the WWE!    

What Booker T and Kevin Nash managed to in the 2011 Royal Rumble that other superstars failed to get is an epic ovation.

Booker T just signed a long term contract in the WWE while it seems Kevin Nash is poised to join Shawn Michaels in the WWE Hall of Fame. Booker T was open to a role as a commentator/manager but because on how people marked his presence, he is up for a major storyline! This move virtually destroys TNA "Main Event Mafia Part 2" storyline that Kurt Angle is kayfabe-ly trying to establish! While Booker has sent his regards to the TNA Management, Nash verbally accepted an offer to return and his Royal Rumble moment would have probably pissed a lot of people, particularly Dixie Carter, Eric Bischoff, and Hulk Hogan. How the crowd reacted to Booker T when he did the Spin-a-Roonie following the Scissors Kick and the Book End was cool. How the crowd reacted to Nash dressed as his WWE persona, Big Daddy Cool Diesel was even more awesome! The crowd enjoyed his “slow” offense and even booed Rey Mysterio (of all people) when he gave Nash the 619! After getting eliminated by Wade Barrett, he had a staredown contest with The Big Show at the entrance which garnered even more attention!

While I don’t want to see Diesel in wrestling mode, I would mark out if he gets to fight The Big Show in some PPV that’s not Wrestlemania!

Nash can’t really wrestle well with his age and injuries but remember the Natural Born Thrillers storyline in WCW? I was a fun of that! They have two factions that need a “coach” or a “mentor” and Nash can do his best Burt Reynolds impersonation (the nonchalant Norm McDonald version) to guide The New Nexus or The Corre (the latter is the best choice since The New Nexus is more like Raven’s flock).

They also had this 2-21-11 teaser which seems to be a debut of an established superstar.

Hopefully I’m guessing that they are laying the foundations for the arrival of Sting.

With Jerry Lawler finally getting a shot at Miz’s title in the Elimination Chamber PPV (I still can’t believe he never had a chance to win WWE gold until now), what is old is new again.

Kurt Angle... time to jump ship!

Game over!


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