Screwattack's Top Ten NES Games

I had a bad childhood.

If only I played Zelda... ever, then I wouldn’t have ended up screwy. Instead I played with my “sports entertainment” action figures and in terms of video games... I tried to master Battle City.

But fuck it right?


Except for Zelda and Metroid (what the hell is a Metroid), I played the games listed here. Sure, I’m hoping to see a lot of those repetitive never-ending games that I usually own because back then, those things cost a sweet price of Php69.75.

Anyway, back then, if you own a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES or Family Computer) console, then you have a lot of friends. I remember having friends because I have a 64-in-1. Sure, I lost most of those so-called friends after I returned the cartridge to my classmate but hey, it was still an awesome Christmas vacation!

Did you have a game cartridge that didn’t have a protective cover? Did you fought with a person because he says you’re a pussy on (insert random game)? Was studying worth a weekend’s worth of insane gaming?

Then, crappy or not, you’re listed as a gamer.

Even if technology is bent on making super awesome games, nothing beats those linear, two-dimensional games of the 80’s and the early 90’s. I had a Simpsons game (Bart against the world)
that I couldn’t finish because I don’t want to play for more than five hours. The only time I finished a Mario game was a couple of years back when emulators existed.

I finished Contra, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, and After Burner.

That’s all... or maybe I’m wrong.  

The awesome Screwattack made a list of the best 10 NES Games (subscribe to his Youtube account and his other endeavors).

Check these babies out!

I personally would like to see Castlevania on the list as well as those awesome eternal games like the original Mario Brothers, the other Mario Brothers game where Luigi floats like an idiot, Twin Bee, Kage, Punch Out, Bomber Man, Double Dribble, Ice Climber, Ducktales, Adventure Island, Urban Champion, Lode Runner, Excite Bike, Mappy, Circus Charlie, 1941, Mr. Merry, and others.

But still, you should be happy on how this list turned out.

Game over.


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