Should you fear The Black Mamba?

Should you fear The Black Mamba?

Fact is, yeah... you should. 

Kobe Bryant is one of the best basketball players in the planet right now. I can’t really say he’s the best because people might boo me... but I have to give credit to where it is due. Ever since he changed his number from 8 to 24, it seems as if he has matured and taken his game to a different level. He is far from the immature showboating whiner we once knew.

This guy is something you should fear because he has the skills to destroy championship dreams and at the same time... he is driven to achieve more.

He has proven to his critics that he is not just a ballhog who forces his shots down. He can kill you with his long range bombs and his drive-by plays. He has speed and quickness which he uses for both offense and defense. It seems he can be contained when you limit his passing options but he coils up and delivers whenever his back is against a wall.

He has haters because he is relevant. Everyone wants to see his games to either love him or boo him. In terms of player yardsticks, his individual and team accomplishments rival no one in the NBA right now. Amongst his contenders, Lebron James, Kevin Durant, and Carmelo Anthony all lack championship gold while it seems as if Dwyane Wade’s scoring took a step back with the entry of James in Miami.

He has proven himself as a leader time and again. You can expect him to go crazy when he finds out they are unfocused and underachieving. Sure, this pretty much annoys his teammates especially when the media gets hold of his rants but what can you do... the guy is a winner.

He is a one-time NBA MVP, a two-time NBA Finals MVP, a 13-time NBA All Star, a three-time NBA All-Star MVP, and a 12-time All-NBA member. He was also one of the major poster boys for the Redeem Team during their gold rush in the Beijing Olympics. He has four championships to brag about. While in his first two wins he had Shaquille O’Neal on his side, he spearheaded the Lakers’ charge to the top during their last two championship runs.

On an entertainment standpoint, his apparels are selling like hotcakes... particularly his shoe line. Just like how Phil Jackson trusts Kobe in crunch time, Nike trusts Kobe that he will deliver big in terms of sales. With the unveiling of Kobe Bryant’s newest basketball shoe Nike Zoom Kobe VI, Nike goes all out. They hired legendary visionary Robert Rodriguez to direct a tale that will give emphasis on the fact that Kobe is larger than life. The Black Mamba, is like his zombie flicks but instead of shotguns, rifles, holy water, shovels, flame throwers, and all kinds of voodoos, Kobe will have to defeat these zombies with his scoring prowess. Joining Kobe and Rodriguez in this film are notable action film greats like Machete’s Danny Trejo and Die Hard’s Bruce Willis and big-time recording star Kanye West.   

If Kobe gets it on with those zombies, then those zombies are in for a treat. Bryant can score contact and can still light up the rim. Bryant can elude the defense to the point that they will literally need a body to block his path... only for him to hit the open jumper.  

And hopefully these zombies have a brain because it’s pointless to send them fighting against Kobe without a strategy!

When Bryant goes on an ankle breaker, expect those ankles to literally break!

So should you fear The Black Mamba?

Do we really need to answer this question?



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