Shouting in silence... LOUDLY!

Me, the shirt, and my bradahfromanodamadah

I am identified with my statement shirts.

I am like those Carebears but instead of Carebear stare, I emit awesome statements.

Come to think of it, I am like the animals from Shirt Tales.

Come to think of it... I find the guy from 30 Rock who has a new cap for every episode my idol.

I don’t need to be loud because my shirts are doing it for me. 

I started out wearing clothes from My T-Shirt Project because I like their fabric. I once wore shirts from American Boulevard but I found the Spoofs shirts funny. My first TSP shirt was Kickass, which is a parody of the Kickers logo. And then I received a gift and it was a black shirt with the “Malaki ang Titik O” words on it. At first I didn’t like wearing the shirt because I like my comedy wholesome but the fabric is nice! All of a sudden, I was pegged as the guy who likes to wear statement shirts. It gives me the attention I may or may not warrant.

Near my work there is a 7-11 and the guy who owns the establishment would often kid me about the things written on my shirt.

I like the fact that he knows me because he gives me a lot of cool freebies!

But the problem with these shirts is that wearing it constant makes a particular statement stale.

I then went on a tear to hunt down witty and raunchy statement shirts. I hunted to the point that every time I go to the mall, there is no way I would live the place without a new shirt. It reminded me when I was collecting NBA and Magic trading cards, Pugad Baboy and Beerkada graphic novels, and other things I tried to gather during my spare time. For the last five years, I should have at least 50 in my closet. At this point, I just check out the cool shirts in black colors.

It is said that black makes you look less fat. 

Anyway, my next step probably is to grab a bunch of words I like to have as a shirt and produce it. I don’t like My T-Shirt Project’s current fabric because it is to thin for an often-sweaty fat guy. I should visit a retail store because unlike Happy Days, their XXL shirts are actually XXL.

My plan is to really make my statement shirt shout.

The raunchier, the funnier, the crazier, the LOUDER... the better. 

The only thing that makes my shirts bad is that people kid with you even if you’re in a bad mood.

Sure, this barely happens but being sentimental and wearing a statement shirt shouldn’t mix.

But then again, maybe the statement shirts just add to the fact that I’m so adorable and that is the reason why people can’t resist being near me?

Should I get loud with that statement?

Maybe I should make this into a shirt.

Game over.


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