UFC 127 - The Results

I was wasted the night before the PPV and I just woke up.

Luckily I woke up just in time for the BJ Penn versus Jon Fitch match held in the Acer Arena in Sydney, Australia.

BJ Penn is a “prodigy”. He is considered as one of the best pound-for-pound MMA fighters in the world today. Penn however enters the octagon with disadvantages in height and reach.

But does that matter?

On the other hand, I don’t want to have nightmares where Jon Fitch is mounting me and unleashing his vicious elbows. I am a Fitch mark ever since I saw him smother Ben Saunders in UFC 111.

Now let’s check out the match.

Penn and Fitch started the match trying to ram each other in the side of the octagon. It seems their defenses are on. Then both fighters throw bombs at each other. However Penn finally takes down Fitch and Fitch is locked in a body triangle. Fitch is in trouble but Penn is unable to clasp his arms on Fitch’s neck. Fitch then “monster’s up” and switches his position from prey to predator with a series of vicious elbows and fists which prompts Penn to try to put the match on a vertical base. The match ended with both fighters on a stand up position. Penn started the round strong but Fitch finished the match in his advantage but Penn was busier in this match.

Fitch starts with a kick and Penn strikes with a knee. It seems Penn is overeager and Fitch makes him pay with a takedown. Penn manages to stand up and Fitch is pressing the issue to takedown Penn again. Blood is pouring in Fitch’s nose which happened because he is busy trying to drop Penn and that exposed his face. Penn again takes down Fitch and again Fitch finds himself inside a body triangle and again Fitch spins out to unload a series of insane blows. Penn desperately tries to get out of that predicament and again the round ends in a stand up. While it produced a fairly same outcome, it seems whatever Penn did, Fitch has a counter. It is too close to call so I’m giving this one to Penn.

Fitch with a big right hand and he gets on top of Penn. Fitch is unloading elbows but Penn manages to stand up again. Fitch manages to be at Penn’s back. He takes down Penn again and he is on top and again he is unloading vicious blows to Penn’s head and side. Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg are saying that this is Fitch’s style and Penn is trapped. Fitch is relentless as Penn squirms. Penn tried for a triangle choke when his legs are up but Fitch just eludes it and continues to pound his fist on The Prodigy’s body. With 35 seconds left, Fitch is embracing the grind! Fitch OWNED this round!

I think while BJ had the advantage in the first two rounds, I think Fitch seriously owned Penn in the third round so the majority draw decision sucks. Penn for one admits that this was a loss in his book. I agree with him. That third round destroys whatever advantage he had in the first two rounds. If this was a mediocre fighter, he could have been downed by Penn early or succumbed to the blows Fitch unleashed.

Anyway, as for the other matches, Michael “The Count” Bisping defeated Jorge Rivera via a second round TKO, hometown hero George Sotiropoulos unanimously decided Dennis Siver, another hometown hero Kyle Noke submitted Chris Camozzi via a rear naked choke, and Chris “Lights out” Lytle was defeated by Brian Ebersole.

I’m not too keen with this fight’s card. Aside from Bisping and Rivera... I'm not sure if this is the fight card you need to see. I’m off to get giddy with UFC 128 where Mauricio “Shogun” Rua will slug it out between “Elbow Machine” Jon “Bones” Jones!

Game over!  


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