Evilbrain's Gigolawyering Trip: Honey

Evilbrain contacted me to tell me of this goldmine that he saw.

I am a huge fan of UP short films because most of them are awesome. UST’s short films are also good but they range more on the documentations and the investigate part than UP’s surreal imaginative “epicness”. 

My thesis in college was about the typecasting of homosexuals in various forms of media. We used a short film directed by Paolo Villaluna as basis for the study. We saw how man-centric society is and the fact that closet gays are scarier than the showy ones. I don’t know how the world changed ten years ago but I believe the world has gotten a bit kinder for the members of the third sex.

Oh well...

By the way, that thesis gave me a 1.0.

During our short film trips, we went to this UP Short Film Festival in SM Megamall and we saw a bunch of witty and awe-striking shorties. My favourite among these short films is a flick amply named “Supot”. It dwells on a man who gets all the bad luck because he has yet to be circumcised. Yielding to the pressure, he goes berserk towards the end.

It was funny.

Honey is another funny film.

Unfortunately, I can’t find it on Youtube. I tested this around a bunch of officemates and they were laughing their asses off.

We were also betting on whether or not the short film was made during the Martial Law days or it was edited in the way it looked like it was from the “olden” times. If this was made during the 70’s or 80’s, it is awesome because back then, the twist they made was shocking.

However, I was leaning towards the fact that it was made during the 2000’s. If this was the case, I am going to praise the director, editor, the aesthetics, and the actors. With the way the actors acted and were set up, it has the look and feel of an old school B-movie.

Whoever did this should be commended! 



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