Japanese Comedy at its finest

While guys with raging hormones would like to know whatever happened to Maria Ozawa after the quake/tsunami, I want to know what will happen to other Japanese exports like their manga, anime, and other forms of entertainment...

Japanese comedy for that matter! 

You see, at a time of turmoil and unrest, I still consider Japanese comedy as one of the best examples of bar none entertainment. Sure, they range their hilarity through gore and slapstick comedy but most of the time it works well to their advantage. Growing up as a kid whose imagination gauges from creativeness and insanity, Takeshi’s Castle was one of the things that made me feel normal.

Maybe I’m going to do a Top 10 on the craziest games of that show! 

This is a great example on how Japanese comedy takes you to another level.

After watching this clip, I’m betting some of you are either planning to eat instant noodles that will instantly burn your eyes out, peeling a banana from your ass, and getting naked in an awesome manner? 

By the way, blame Vlad Guarina for instructing me to this awesome clip! 

Game over.


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