Jeff Hardy WTF?!?

A Scorpion Death Drop happens when a wrestler applies an inverted facelock then falls backwards to slam the opponent’s head into the mat.

Basically it’s an Inverted DDT.

This is a devastating move especially when it is initiated with a scoop lift.

However, doing it with barely 90 seconds in the match?

It kind of looks like a normal-looking move... and it deserves to have a fan reaction of a normal-looking move.  

This is Sting’s finisher. At 51, he is TNA’s World Heavyweight Champion. He won the title on March 3 against Jeff Hardy.

This is not a Sting blog but a Jeff Hardy blog.

Jeff Hardy was supposed to wrestle Sting at Victory Road 2011 to reclaim his Heavyweight Title. Unfortunately he came to the arena STONED. Yes... Hardy was STONED. Sting reportedly opposed the idea of facing Hardy in a match. What wonders could Hardy unearth in Sting’s 50-year-old body with a sloppy Whisper of the Wind, Twist of Fate (I refuse to call it Twist of Hate), or Reverse of Fate.

Face it. There is a reason why pro wrestling is scripted. If they do all those moves every single week, they are lucky to live in their 40’s. Owen Hart almost ended Stone Cold Steve Austin’s career when he piledrove him to injure his neck. Unlike those other wrestlers still working in their late 40’s, Austin can’t bump and work in the ring ever because of recurring neck problems.

So there is a valid reason for Sting’s non-willingness. He lasted too long in this business because he knows better.

Jeff Hardy needs to activate his senses.

Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit are examples of wrestlers who took too much and suffered its consequences. Guerrero was an addict then and even when he was all cleaned up, his heart eventually blew up from all the wear and tear. Benoit took a lot of steroids and painkillers and that caused him to eventually go nuts and unleash hell on earth on his family. Hardy allegedly traffics drugs and at the same time uses it.

That’s just messed up.

Their individual entrances, Jeremy Borash’s introductions, and Eric Bischoff’s interference lasted longer than the match.

I feel sad for the fans. Their main event is not an event. I can’t blame TNA for this travesty because for all we know, they have the event all worked out until Jeff Hardy shows up midway and thinks he is in Narnia talking to animals. Sting was visually pissed at the happenings because this is not the way he wanted to main event.

If you look at it, he was one of the reported opponents of The Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Imagine how over will he be in the wrestling world if he debuts in Wrestlemania and fights for Taker’s winning streak? Instead he is babysitting Hardy with a bunch of not-so-epic hits and an eventual Scorpion Death Drop to end this embarrassment.

Personally, I’d have Hardy drop in the middle of the ring so that Sting can apply his Scorpion Death Lock (sharpshooter). Have Hardy withstand it for at least a minute or so and pass out.

At least Hardy wouldn’t job that crappily.

After the event, TNA will impose a strict no-drug policy just like what the WWE has right now. This is good because TNA is vigilant in enforcing safety to their wrestlers and the fans that pay hard-earned dough to buy arena tickets and PPV coverage.  

I am a fan of Hardy. The Hardy Boyz was my favourite tag team ever and I rooted for him when he feuded with The Undertaker, Triple H, and even with his contemporaries like Edge, CM Punk, Rob Van Dam, Rey Mysterio, Christian, and even his brother Matt Hardy. He needs to grow up though.

Either he’ll end up in prison or end up dead.

Pick your poison, Jeff.

You can choose neither if you want to.

That’s actually the smart answer.

Game over.


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