Knocked Out in Twitter? Nah.

Manny Pacquiao is the People’s Champion!

Bar none, the whole Filipino nation supports him for every blood, sweat, and tears he blurted out inside the ring.

Outside it, it’s a different story. 

I will support him on his Twitter debacle. Manny Pacquiao here is just a misunderstood man. His fault here is that he didn’t thought of what he wrote... thus the reaction. It was a funny retort to an otherwise “funny” question. I would rather see him sweat it out in the gym than sweat it out in that impeachment proceeding. Besides, at least we all know Manny Pacquiao was staying up late to check out NBN 4’s Plenary Hall coverage. If he needs to jog at 5am, the congress session finished at around 1am.

Four hours of sleep in the cold weather of Baguio?

That’s harsh.

If he was about to face Shane Mosley now, maybe he can use this as motivation?

At least he watched the session. Imelda Marcos was also absent. Ronald Singson is in Hong Kong and I doubt we’ll get a reaction from him.

And why the hell do we not care about Jules Ledesma’s vote?

Being popular has its not-so-cool moments.

The only bad thing Pacquiao did was twit that he voted no. As of this moment, Ombudsman Merci Gutierrez is a marked person. I hate her for having six cases that can be pitted against her. It was as if she was contented on getting her cut and not care of the consequences afterwards. Even if Pacquiao has no beef with the Ombudsman and is friends with her, he could have kept mum. I actually hate the vote because I had enough of the government corrupting the people (see NBN-4 whose employees have yet to get half of their monthly salary).

Framed or not, the government needs to clean house. President Noynoy Aquino still owns a high approval rating at 75 percent but nearing his first year as Prez, he needs to have the answers the people ask... and the right answers that will make them giddy in glee! 

Manny Pacquiao deleted his account after he was bombarded by Momblogger and eventually Reason and Rationality. Funny, Manny made a rib at one person while this person can get away with a curse, and then an attack on his character. I bet this guy is some sort of activist who can’t take a joke... or some anonymous pussy that wants to make a name for himself...  

... Or better yet, that person could have been Floyd Mayweather posing as an anti-Pacquiao activist!

One could ask if the Pacman answer was that bad. 

It isn't. 

Even if he's a politician, he is allowed to kid or act like a goof. Up to the very end he didn't attack or even say bad things about the persons involved. 

Let's see if that guy can say "fuck" when he has the wavy, Justin Bieber-hairstyle of Pacquiao in front of him.  

Manny Pacquiao can’t please everyone even if he is the Fighting Pride of the Philippines. I like to see him belt tunes with Will Ferrell in the Jimmy Kimmel Show but I don’t want to him record an album. I want to see him smiling, laughing, and acting candidly and all but I hate his movies. I loved seeing him play for Gensan-MP Warriors where he would demand for the basketball and either penetrate or score a spot-up deuce.

And then there are some that hate the fact that he used his popularity to win the hearts of the Saranggani voters to become the province’s congressman.  

Mayweather will fight Pacquiao – in court – after the US federal judge denied the motion to dismiss the case filed by the Pacman.

If Manny wins in his court battle against Mayweather, it would be the highest level of compensation after he was singled out on something that is motivated by ill will, spite, malice, revenge, and envy.

As for his dead Twitter account, it’s best if he didn’t have an account because people will exploit it.

Hopefully these anti-Pacquiao remarks are only for his non-sporting undertakings. 

Maybe Reason and Rationality is actually 50 Cent

Game over.   


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