Miami Heat's Locker Room: Animation Style

Can the Heat beat the losing stretch held by Cleveland this season? 

Lebron James is in deep shit these days.

The “CrygateMiami Heat locker room scandal did a lot of bad than good for the South Beach ballers. Lebron James has been bungling the crunch time plays designed for him and Dwyane Wade has requested the coaching staff to cede the ball to him during clutch situations. Erik Spoelstra is also in deep shit because his job security is on the line. Pat Riley meanwhile is on a shopping spree for those extra-strong hair gels that he will use once he takes over Spoelstra’s role as chief tactician.

Chris Bosh? He’s just wondering why he was in the All-Star in the first place.

Media has been bad to the Heat, especially now that Miami has lost their fifth straight game. The fans of Miami and the rest of the world (I am pointing a finger on a bunch of people I know) are wondering when their hell on earth end. They have had a bunch of disappointing losses and the fact that the only way for the Heat to have offense is by giving the ball to their Justice League.

If Lebron James is Batman and Dwyane Wade is The Flash...

Chris Bosh is The Martian Manhunter because whenever he plays, he either transforms to something good... or something so wrong in so many levels.

Speaking of animated awesomeness, here is an animated clip on what allegedly transpired inside the Miami Heat locker room.

I want to say thank you for Jorge Cosgayon for hunting this clip.

It’s wrong for him to diss the Heat, but he gives me these awesome clips to put in my blog!

Game over!


  1. it's NEVER WRONG to diss the Miami cHeat

  2. hehe! i don't want to really, really diss them because it might rub bad juju on my celtics.

    as of this moment, they just lost to the clips.

    just saying... :)

  3. it's the big 2.5, the real big 3 is in the celtics =)