Oh no... not again.

It’s scary.

Willie Revillame is a double-edged sword.

Elitists hate him because they think that his care for the masses is nothing but a ruse. At the same time, these same masses go all out to meet, greet, and get any amount from him and treat him as some sort of an idol.

If Willie Revillame becomes a cult leader, he’ll have a lot of devoted followers rallying against him.

One of my professors in college once told me that Filipinos would rather dream than strive.

Those words hold dear especially in this case.

I thought Willie’s jump to TV5 gave him a fresh start. It was like Kobe Bryant when he changed his number from 8 to 24. Sure, the swagger and the arrogance will always be there... but it wouldn’t be as rowdy and insane unlike years ago.

But then this happened.  

I just jumped the bandwagon here. Bloglandia has done tons of write-ups denouncing Willie Revillame for exploiting this Jan-Jan kid. For ten thousand pesos, the 6-year-old kid did something poverty could make him do 10 to 15 years in the future.

I’m not going to say that he’s right in this but I’m not going to chastise him much either. I raise my pointy finger on the very, very lively aunt who condoned this dance. Did you see the kid touch the table and made it a tool in his act?

This is not the first time the kid did this! Reports show (and on the press release you can read by checking out the Philippine Star’s entertainment section) that he has been doing this in small time-contests and it was his dad (who works in a parlor) who taught him this dance.

While some dads teach their kids how to ride a bike or how to fly a kite... his dad taught Jan-Jan how to dance like a gigolo.

Great work, dad.

The kid cried moments before the dance possibly because he saw the 6’9 former PBA behemoth-turned-comedian Bonel Balingit was scaring the shit out of him. The guy scared me when he dared to become the largest entertainer in the Philippines to do a sex scene (2005’s B-Movie Hayop sa Porma, Hanep sa Ganda) But as I checked the video, Jan-Jan cried because he wanted to win so badly. He even thanked his aunt and dad for taking him to Willing-Willie.

We educated people will never get these people for making fools out of their selves on national television for a shot of 15 minutes of fame and a semi-shitload of money.

If you remember the Ultra Stampede that happened because of Wowowee a few years back, Willie promised that he will be handing out money to the people... and naturally, the audience turnout was epic. The turnout was huge and people camped out at the streets near the Philsports Arena so they can get dibs on the dough. It was so epic that the network officials didn’t consider that the people literally fight and claw and kill and pounce their way for that shot to win a bunch of moolah.

Because of what happened, the event was cancelled and no one won.

How ironic.  

Anyway, Willie even referred to the kid as his discovery. He likened himself to Usher while Jan-Jan was his Justin Timberlake.

It’s Justin Bieber by the way...  

Moving on, he had I think three or four encore performances. One is already fun enough because it caught everyone by surprise. This was Willing-Willie’s biggest flaw. To quote rock and roll king Elvis Presley

“One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, and go, go, go!”

The kid created fuzz because the show made him one. The other contestant in the faceoff, a girl, was seemingly lost in the shuffle because she got upstaged. The DJ or the sound master kept on repeating and repeating the tune and the kid had no choice but to do his routine again and again.

Perhaps the lowest point of this act was when they closed the show with the kid in a spotlight, dancing on an elevated stage, while a bunch of people crowd him and adored his performance...

Just like a typical dancer.  

I hope Willie compensated the kid more than the 10k that he got because the backlash their show got is tremendous and mind-numbing.

This is why kids are hard to work with in the field of entertainment. Not only are they protected by a bunch of laws but they are also known for not thinking in their decisions.

Willie’s team had it right by apologizing. I don’t like him in any way but sometimes I’m open to give people the benefit of doubt.

I swear that he didn’t think for one second that this would happen. I believe Willie was just like your average uncle who you can only see during family events and occasions and he will give you money if you can sing and dance in front of your other extended family members.

Association due to reputation led to the thought that he was exploiting the kid.

Hopefully he will learn from his actions.

And yet, I doubt if this will be the last time we’ll ever hear from the controversial host.

As long as the masses think that one day Willie will give them a huge amount of though... expect a lot of folks to act like numbskulls and expect a lot of educated dudes and dudettes to bash Willie for promoting this.

Game over.


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