Paquito Diaz: Philippine Cinema's Badass

Pop icon! 

There is no bigger pop icon in the realm of Pinoy kontrabidas than this guy.

With his trademark curly hair and extremely thick moustache, Paquito Diaz was the epitome of an effective anti-hero. When he insults the action star, you want that particular action star to beat his snarky ass! Whenever Paquito and the random action star “converse” during a war, you want Paquito to for once sneak and shoot the random action star from behind because deep inside you know that Paquito’s screen time will be over once the action star finishes his speech.

And even if he plays henchman to rich-looking actors, even in a small role he brings out the awesomeness.

At one point, an action movie wouldn’t be a big-time action movie if Paquito Diaz is not on the credits.

He has been the dependable bad guy for action greats like Fernando Poe Jr., Ramon Revilla, Joseph Estrada, Eddie Garcia, Lito Lapid, Bong Revilla, Rudy Fernandez, Philip Salvador, Ace Vergel, Anthony Alonzo, Jinggoy Estrada, Edu Manzano, and others. If FPJ is hailed as “The King of Philippine Cinema”, Paquito Diaz is “The King of Pinoy Kontrabidas”. During the 90’s, he also helped up and coming action stars like Robin Padilla, Cesar Montano, Jeric Raval, Ian Veneracion, Jestoni Alarcon, Raymart Santiago, and Joko Diaz.

Whenever Joko battles his dad in a fight scene where they play two men with no relation with the other... those are awesome fight scenes because they manage to combine the “personal” from the “professional”. Of course, Joko will win the fight scene because he is the good guy but fans root on how much Joko learned from his Dad’s brawling.

Paquito Diaz in perhaps a rape scene with Boots Anson-Roa. 

He did have a bunch of lead roles but they were all comedic in nature since his face isn’t like Richard Gomez or Aga Muhlach. In action-comedy flicks, he also had his hand as the credible bad guy to the likes of Dolphy, Tito, Vic, and Joey, Rene Requiestas, Roderick Paulate, Jimmy Santos, and others. He is also the most sought after bad guy to make the action stints of Richard, Aga, Rustom Padilla (yup, this happened), and Gabby Concepcion believable. 

A FPJ movie wouldn’t really be a FPJ action movie if his “teammates” like Paquito, Max Alvarado, Dencio Padilla, and Romy Diaz aren’t in the mix.

In heaven they can continue their brand of greatness as he joined our creator last March 4 at the age of 73

He was born on May 28, 1937

In Paquito Diaz, we saw the importance of being an awesome support player. A main man has a whole film to develop his character but an antagonist will go to the film with no back story and just have the generic evilness and look. Especially if the leading lady is some bimbo with little acting chops, you need the crazy lines, squirmy stuffs, and the cheating nature that the anti-hero brings! Paquito Diaz is also versatile. He had too many anti-hero roles and so learned to be flexible for his drama to not be repetitive. He was also a professional – he couldn’t care less if his screen time is next to zero despite his calibre.

He was nominated 10 times in a career that spanned five decades. He won a FAMAS Best Supporting Actor for his 1966 film Ang Mananandata. The film starred Fernando Poe Jr., Van de Leon, and Barbara Perez among others. Getting an award as a supporting actor in an action movie is tough. 

This further strengthens the fact that Paquito Diaz is not just FPJ's punching bag.  

He played second fiddle for FPJ and Erap in Walang Pagkalupig in 1962. He was also with FPJ in Durugin si Totoy Bato (1979), Ang Panday - Ika-apat na Aklat (1984), and Muslim .357 (1986). He played enemy for Ramon Zamora in the 1974 action-comedy Return of the Dragon. He played the supporting role for Vic Vargas and Philip Salvador in the 1982 boxing film In This Corner. He played second fiddle for Lito Lapid in Pedro Tunasan (1983). 

He was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in the said flicks. 

His last nomination was in 1989 where FAMAS saw him fit to vie for the plum of Best Supporting Actor in the Philip Salvador-starrer Kumander Dante

Before acting, he played basketball for the FEU Tamaraws where he helped the team claim three straight titles from 1951 to 54. He was also part of the Ateneo Blue Eagles senior team from 1955 to 56

His bad-ass persona made stars out of goody-two-shoes characters and by putting them over, the actors that portray these characters become cinematic greats.

Whether he is a rich businessman, a goon, a rapist, a serial killer, and even the devil, Paquito Diaz left a lasting mark in Philippine Cinema and he did it by pestering the superstars.

Will an actor of his calibre rise up... again?

Game on.


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