Psuedo Korean Trip

I just trimmed my hair.

No, I didn’t cut it because it was my 29th birthday. It was itchy and hard to manage at times but there was a bigger picture revolving my madness.

By the way... I went to Pansol, Laguna.

Since we didn’t plan our trip well, we ended up scouring for an epic journey that is situated two hours outside Manila.

We discovered a popular place in Pansol as our destination for my birthday.

We were supposed to meet at around 5:30 to 6am at the Jam Transit station but it ended up with Cindy coming in at 5:20 and me coming in at 6:05. When we met, we hurried to the HM Transport station.

No thanks to my weak bladder, we missed the 6:00 bus.

No thanks to Burger Machine, we missed the 6:15 bus.

We ended up taking the 6:30 bus and as consequence, we had a 30-minute problem with traffic.

When we got to Calamba, there was this dark, fat Bicolano who went inside the bus and was crying that he is hungry. It’s embarrassing to see a big, muscular guy crying so we gave him the rest of our Burger Machine grub.

He just stared at us.

And after roughly five seconds...

He cried again.

The guy could have been pissed at us because we gave him food instead of money. Perhaps he was some kind of drunkard or sicko buffoon. The conductor told him to get off the bus because he was weirding the customers out.

We got to the place a couple of minutes after 9am.

Because of a huge Korean delegation, we found out that there were no rooms. We availed the Daytour package that costs Php500 per head and is inclusive of a communal locker room. The Mt. Makiling view is epic and the hot springs are well... hot. If you’ll notice the excessive “phallic” statues around the resort, you’ll probably ask whether or not they are kinkier than us.

We could be tamer.

That’s my opinion.

At least our Barrel Man has a barrel.

Speaking of huge foreigner delegations, every winter 88resorts get a lot of Koreans. Koreans are used to public bath houses which means in one way or another, you’ll get to see a bunch of “things” dangling.  

The video is a compilation of our swimming trip. These are the events I managed to document.

By the way, I used a bunch of songs that I was delighted in hearing during the course of the trip.

DISCLAIMER: I am willing to delete the tunes once asked!

There are things that I didn’t document that I wanted to share with you people.

I saw a naked Korean in the mirror and it was horrible!

If you think you think you’re going to see Girls Generation...

Are you ready to see a bunch of Super Juniors!?!?

Lunch was pricy but it was such a treat. We ate Korean food which we bought and cooked. Actually I liked the feeling of acting like foreigners. There was also this European couple in the resort. I don’t know if they are English because they have the twang of people from the Scandinavian and Balkan lands. I don’t know if they are arrogant but their voices are snobby.

The trip was short and sweet and hopefully we can plan a trip where we can use the passports we got a year ago.

Perhaps that any place where we could cross a sea.

Game over!


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