Rango - The Review

We had Mexican last Saturday.

Mexicali shocked me. Mexicali is nth times better than Taco Bell. At their Trinoma branch near the cinema houses, their taco and burrito debuted on my taste buds.

Taco Bell is nothing compared to Mexicali. I left the establishment stuffed. It is not like TB where most of the menu is heavy or dominated by cheese and mayonnaise they disguised as sour cream.

Anyway, that food trip was just dandy because we were about to watch Rango

Yes, I ate Mexican to watch something near Mexico. 


Rango is Western flick that starred the voices of Johnny Depp, Isla Fisher, Abigail Breslin, Bill Nighy, Ned Beatty, Alfred Molina, Timothy Olyphant, Harry Dean Stanton, and others. Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski was the mind responsible for this movie.

The story revolves around a chameleon named Rango who was forced out of pet life to fend on his own in the torturous scorching Arizona desert. With the help of a desert lizard, he finds a town where in order to survive; he invents some gracious story on how he killed a bunch of hustlers with one bullet. He was declared sheriff of the town when he did one heroic act and he was tasked in solving the town’s water problem. 

Apparently water is money in some areas. 

Just like in Paranaque... 

While most are saying good things at Rango, I have to say otherwise. I can’t pinpoint what... but this movie is not that great as others perceive it to be. Perhaps since I am not that familiar with the Western movie genre? Or maybe since I can’t understand the comedy because of the right on the money accent? 

Perhaps I found the speaking lines too wordy? 

Dang those varmints?!? How stereotypical could that be! 

There is a certain case of predictability with the flick. Sure, the rich person will always be the bad guy but except for the snake, the action sequence with the moles should had the the better climax. It’s likely that they didn’t create Rango as a kid movie but I don’t know if the adult audiences would love this kind of humor because at times it isn’t really funny to begin with. 

Another problem is that the film ventures to the surreal. It is as if I was checking out a Western version of Narnia. Now this is not bad by any means but the line that separates what’s real and what’s not is thin and blurred here. On a marketing standpoint, Rango is the only character that you can market properly. The rest are not cuddly and even icky for that matter. One critic exclaimed that the characters other than Rango are soulless here. I agree to some extent because they never gave the viewer a chance to give a damn on them.

Besides... most of the characters are pretty much desert roadkill.

As for voice characterization, giving Johnny Depp the leeway to act is either a hit or miss endeavour and it shows on other scenes here where he tends to overact.

However, I will agree with many that while lacking, the story is good in some ways. The story has its upside at times. The first part was good and while I whine at some other parts, I find the other scenes tolerable. The way they handled Sheriff Rango basically approving the moles to rob their bank and making sure he doesn’t get the blame when this was exposed to the townsfolk, is admittedly a refreshing touch. The parts that Depp acted well were acting gold. He truly dictated the pace of the whole movie. His deadpan moments are awesome. And because of how he delivered the character during the heart-warming scenes, you find yourself rooting for Rango at the end. If you like Western movies, then this movie hits you right in the spot because the action sequences are really, really awesome. The way they handled the mole hunting scene was great. The hawk scenes at the desert and at the town were also good and while predictable, there are moments where the film takes you at the edge of your seat. The realization part at the middle after the Jake confrontation was yeah, surreal, but it managed to enlightened the predictable turn of the antagonist. 

As for treatment, my girlfriend Cindy will tell you that the way they colored the movie was superb. The attention to detail reminds of Legend of the Guardians. One would wonder how this film would look with a 3-D environment because in 2-D, it looks fun!

I just nitpicked some parts but Rango is a fine movie nonetheless. Basically when it tries to be good, it proves great but when its faults are exposed you really can see it and it then bugs you!  

Rango is a fun movie if you’re not trying to hunt down the wrong parts of the movie. I suggest hunting it down on your nearest Torrent

Next stop? Either Hop or Rio

Game over!


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