Real-Life Ultramen

Check out these guys. It’s like a tsunami and an earthquake hit them, and they JUST DIDN’T CARE! 

Well of course they care.

With the lives and resources destroyed by the incident, one would wonder if it is possible for the Japanese to go back to Stone Age. After all, even with their high regard for discipline and all, they are still human.

However, I may be wrong.

It just amazes me that even if they were crippled by the incident, they still offered the Philippines 44 million to erect a bunch of peace and development projects in Mindanao. One can marvel on how awesome they can rise up despite everything they faced. Even if parts of their land have become a nuclear wasteland (hopefully they can do something about this), they still thought of us. 

Our politically-driven, very, very grandstanding, full of skeletons in the closet Asian brother. 

They have a bunch of convenience stores that continue to be loot-free because they know stealing from it is wrong.

All of a sudden it seems like there is basis why their live action super heroes are ultra goody-two-shoes.

Game over.


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