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Down and out? 

I shouldn’t care about this impeachment proceeding... but what the hell!

I saw a bunch of old people... and Lucy Torres-Gomez hanging out and logging extra minutes at the plenary hall. The reason is to push for a senate vote with regards of the sacking of Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez. She is one of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s biggest cronies and she is hailed as one of the instigators of Gloria’s alleged wrath.

She is being tried because of her alleged betrayal of public trust. House Resolution 1089 contains a bunch of impeachable articles aimed to maim her to the pulp.

NUMBER 1 / Low conviction rate of the Ombudsman’s office
NUMBER 2 / The NBN-ZTE scandal
NUMBER 3 / The slow investigation of the wrongful death of Ensign Philip Andrew Pestano
NUMBER 4 / The Fertilizer Fund Scam
NUMBER 5 / Mega Pacific automated polls machines scandal
NUMBER 6 / The Euro Generals

So basically Gutierrez is responsible for a bunch of scandals in her over nine years in office. I mean the Euro Generals is pretty much in the news now (the Ligot family are getting no love from the senators). The rest of those accusations are either unattended or out of the Ombudsman’s coverage area.

So basically 95 votes to up this resolution to the congress and with the way Gutierrez had been doing her job...

Why should she be shocked with the result?

Initially, the polls ended with 210 yes votes, 47 no votes, and 4 abstain votes. That number grew to 212 yes votes, and 46 no votes, and 4 abstain votes as of 12:45am. With 95 votes needed to raise the issue to the Senate that was easily reached before the votes reached the letter “M”, expect Gutierrez to get more sleepless nights in the process.

However, she should pray that she’ll get seven votes in her favor. While yeah, there are 24 senators in the Philippines – two of them are incapacitated with Ping Lacson hiding in some country outside the Philippines and Noynoy Aquino abducting his seat for presidency.

But maybe... just maybe... hoping can spring to justice?

Game over.  


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