There is a reason why kids shouldn’t get interviewed. Looking for a film to check out for my weekly Cindy shindig (leaning towards Mars Needs Moms and Rango) I stumbled on this Ricky Lo Philippine Star “interview”.

Kris Aquino is tactless.

Baby James? Even more.

James Yap’s kid (I refuse to call him Bimby) squealed on his daddy, otherwise revealing his post-marital love life.

I found the pics in the internet. 

Yeah, the kid virtually exposed Isabel Oli (pictured) as his daddy’s GF. Yap missed their last game (which turned out to be a loss against the Meralco Bolts) because of injury but he is expected to return in their next assignment. With the way he is playing right now, B-Meg needs to win two conferences for him to clinch his second straight MVP title (third in his career). But as of this moment, he yields a lot of stats to players like Joe Devance, Jay Washington, Arwind Santos, and LA Tenorio.

At best, he’ll have a Mythical Ten citation. This can change if he wins two titles or B-Meg plays in the finals for the remaining conferences.

If I know kids, they never keep secrets. This means what was said in the interview is pretty much the truth. So unless Baby James turns eight where he will have secrets of his own (for example, messing his mommy’s furniture), except him to go all out and become a great source of info with regards to the Aquino/Yap household.

At least his speech patterns have improved.

Remember when he said “Villar” during the 2010 Presidental Elections campaign period?

Game over.


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