Tsunami / Quake

It was like an unscripted disaster movie.

It’s great on visuals but imagine if you’re witnessing that firsthand. 


The world is in awe at the sight of the devastation that this tsunami created. Checking out the videos from the internet, you can see what was left of the Sendai Prefecture. The 8.9 earthquake is nothing new for the often-hit Japanese but that 6-meter wave was enough to wipe out a land back to start. While the Japanese saw the huge waves and quickly spread the word about the tsunami, I doubt if the reaction was fast enough to avert the loss of lives.

If you look at it, you’ll often wonder if the cars we saw have people on board.

I can’t help but wonder whether if the New Zealand quake a couple of weeks back has something to do with the tsunami. National Geographic made me realize that a Pakistan quake was responsible for the tsunami that hit Indonesia and Thailand. I believe that the world is slowly changing and those tectonic plates are signalling some sort of change on how the earth should look. We have been experiencing unstable weather conditions and it seems as if we have to adapt on everything Mother Nature is giving us.

With the events in Japan and the recent situations that has alarmed a lot in the Middle East, the Nostradamus predictions are getting louder by the minute.

So I’m guessing the Mayans too?

Anyway, Facebook and Twitter proved its worth to find loved ones especially since most of Japan’s phone lines are inactive at the moment. You go to Kapuso Finder or some people finder search engine to find out whether or not they are safe. In Japan, even the oldest of people carry mobile phones.

So is it safe that the darkest of days are now over?

Not quite.

Four nuclear power plants were destroyed in the process. The goo and the radiation of the plants have yet to get checked but hopefully Sendai won’t become the next Chernobyl

Let's not forget that the path of the earthquake could go as far as California. 

Let’s offer prayers for the victims of this travesty and hopefully they loss of lives would end.

Game over.


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