UFC 128 – The Results

For years now, the light heavyweight division has been dominated by only four fighters – Rashad Evans, Quinton Jackson, Lyoto Machida, and Shogun Rua. At UFC 126, I picked Ryan Bader to stop Jon “Bones” Jones but that reach advantage and array of moves made me eat my words. Eventually it made a fan out of me. If Jones respects Rua, then Rua will pick up the win. Luckily Jones is cocky.

I can’t decide who to pick but maybe Jones is yet to be in the league of Rua?


Heavyweight Division

I don’t know much about Schaub except that he is an Ultimate Fighter Season 10 participant. I am betting for Cro Cop though. The guy is a legend in this game and this experience versus youth match that could favor...


No Duran Duran music for Cro Cop.

He must be... serious?

He has yet to bring the power to the UFC that he once had in Pride so Schaub might have the advantage.

Schaub blitzes Mirko but he also stays wary of Cro Cop’s kicks. Schaub tackles Mirko midway in the round but Mirko lands a nice kick to the head. Schuab dives in to dominate the fight on the ground. Mirko escapes to the standing position after getting hurt by Hybrid’s banging shots. I think Schaub won the first round.

Schaub tackles Mirko to the ground after Mirko catches him with a sick head kick. Both guys are getting giddy with a bunch of cheap shots that prompted Herb Dean to warn both guys. Then both guys beat each other up... by hugging each other. Schaub has blood on his nose by a Mirko elbow and Herb Dean deducts a point on Schaub for hitting the back of Mirko’s head. An uppercut and an elbow finish the round for Mirko. Mirko gains favor in Round 2.

Schaub’s nose is broken and his manhood could be as well at the start of the round. Mirko is toying Schaub but in the process gets tackled down by the Hybrid. Mirko gets up only to be taken down anew by Schaub. Schaub gets Mirko up and they are exchanging knees and elbows. Mirko scores with a kick and then a series of events until... WHAM! Mirko was about to throw a kick but Schaub turns his head to spews a vicious-looking fist to finish Mirko Cro Cop!

What a knockout! Mirko looked like a ragtag doll falling down. It’s a disappointing loss for Mirko since he was two minutes away from finishing the match in his favor. Maybe it’s time for Cro Cop to check out the Light Heavyweight division because he looks small in this matchup. As for Schaub, after defeating Gabriel Gonzaga, he gets another legend in his list.


Middleweight Division

The tsunami prompted Yoshihiro Akiyama to opt out of the fight to help his country. Dan Miller steps up to the plate which made his should-be opponent Nick Catone to square up against Costantinos Philippou (Catone won via unanimous decision). Miller has yet to be stopped in a match. Let’s see if the trend continues.

Nate sprawls as Miller wanted to take him down. Miller gets the take down after holding the leg of Nate from one side to the other side and back. Marquardt then takes him down but Miller applies the guillotine. Great defense by Nate as he escapes the hold and simultaneously, goes on top of the action! Nate tackles Miller again and Miller tries his best to attempt a kimura. Marquardt wins the round because he imposed more.

Marquardt is popping the guns at the start of the round. Miller tries to get back and the boxing match gains a lot of steam. Nate lands a kick and a flying knee but then Miller catches him and takes him down anew. Nate stands up and Miller looks sapped. Marquardt punches and gets himself on side control but Miller punishes Marquardt again with another guillotine. Unfortunately he just couldn’t make Nate tap. The match ends again with Nate imposing himself more but you need to also hand it to Miller for getting Nate in tough situations.

Nate gives Miller’s head a kick and then they exchanged shots. Miller’s left eye has blood and this should be bothering him. Miller tries a takedown but Marquardt stuffs the attempt. Miller spins but to his disadvantage as Nate rides him again. Nate is beating the hell out of Miller in the ground... brutally. Round 3 favors Marquardt.  

Nate the Great wins the bout unanimously. Miller did well considering that he took this match on short notice.


Lightweight Division

Jim Miller is fighting in front of his hometown crowd. Iran’s Kamal Shalorus marks his UFC PPV debut. I don’t know much on both fighters. Kamal calls himself “The Prince of Persia”. That’s funny. Wait... is Jim Miller Dan Miller’s dad (he is his brother)?

Both fighters exchange blows early. Miller seems to be a cropped hair version of Clay Guida. USA chants flood the arena as Kamal receives a welt to the face. Jim makes Kamal eat his knee and then save for Kamal’s iron chin – he should have gone down when Miller popped that massive kick to the head! Miller loses the position of the guillotine as he tries to strangle Shalorus but from the bad end of a takedown, he is bringing it to Kamal. Both guys stand up. Miller attempts another guillotine but Kamal sidesteps away. Round 1 favors Jim Miller.

Miller digs a counter uppercut. Miller attempts a flying triangle but Kamal gets away from it. Miller rides Kamal from the back and then applies the body triangle. Miller continues to spoon Kamal but the Iranian is resilient with regards to the crossface. Miller again dominates the round.

Miller attacks and continues to dominate the round against the Iranian. A nice uppercut to the chin and then a savage knee from nowhere popped in Kamal’s face to send Shalorus reeling... and drenched with blood. Miller then goes straight to Kamal who is currently incapacitated.

This was the first time Kamal was downed in the fight. It was a nice match and an even nicer finish.


Bantamweight Division

This is the co-main event of the evening... as per Bruce Buffer. I don’t know these guys but I’m guessing they are the best since UFC is just introducing their bantamweight division. Faber looks like a surfer in the match preview and looks like Shawn Livingston in the match proper. Wineland looks like a pit bull who gives no shit about the fanfare.

Wineland hangs Faber on the cage. I like this bantamweight division so far. They look like as if they are fighting in fast forward. Faber takes down Wineland but Faber’s arm gets caught by Wineland. Once Wineland moves to his back, Urijah capitalizes it. Urijah attempts on a takedown... twice but to no avail. Wineland lands a sharp fist but Faber unleashes a series of right hands. Wineland is good in the first round and hopefully he can sustain it.

Wait... Faber looks like a braided Andy Samberg. Anyway, Faber starts the match with kicks. Faber then jumps to a takedown that at first Wineland attempts to kick out but afterwards it connects. It looks like Faber was jumping and had recoil. Faber is heavily pounding Wineland with elbows and punches. One nice action was Urijah picking Wineland who’s at guard and then slamming him to the mat. That’s a nice move! Urijah stacks him again and as Wineland attempts to escape, Faber again tackles Wineland back down. Urijah is mowing Wineland with non-stop ground and pound attacks. Urijah owned Wineland in this round.

At the start of the round they exchange blows. Faber tries to takedown Wineland to no avail. Wineland checks out a standing double underhook he eventually releases. Faber pops up a nice fist and duplicates it. All of a sudden, Urijah is checking in on Wineland’s face. Then a quick succession of moves brought Faber to a takedown. Faber then controlled Wineland on the mat and I’m guessing the judges will score the round for Faber.

All three judges scored the match in favor of Urijah Faber. If Rey Mysterio was a UFC fighter, then you are looking at his division. This is such a speedy division where the charge at each other with insane speed. I really like Faber’s moveset and I like the taunt he made on current UFC Bantamweight Champ Dominic Cruz. As for Wineland, I like the aggressiveness. Just like pro boxers from smaller divisions, the action is relentless and fast. Wineland will be a force as is this division. 



Rua was about to face Rashad Evans who won the Number One Contender’s match via Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. Rua just won the light heavyweight title from Lyoto Machida. Jones meanwhile, defeated Ryan Bader at UFC 126. When Jones heard that Evans got injured, he asked Dana White for a shot. The title bout was first offered to Rampage but when Jackson turned it down, White directed his attention to Bones who takes advantage of it.

Shogun is an awesome striker when standing up but Jones is dangerous opponent when he is down on the mat. Jones is unorthodox, too creative, and have you ever seen those F’N elbows??? The guy is a genetic freak! Jon “Bones” Jones has the elbows to dominate any sucka who wants to make an example out of him. But Shogun is a different animal from Jones’ opponents. His experience will prove vital when he fights the cocky Jones.

Bones starts with a flying knee. NO RESPECT RIGHT OFF THE BAT! Then Jones tackles Shogun. It looks like a clothesline! Jones has a tremendous reach advantage but Rua has also a terrific ground game. Elbows to Rua by Jones! Rua wants to grab Jones’ legs to switch to a leg lock but Jones wants nothing of it. There is a welt forming at the side of the head of Jones. “USA” chants again! Shogun gets up but Rua looks weak after a series of massive movements near the cage! Jones catches Rua with two knees, a side kick, and a fist! A running knee catches Rua but Rua retaliates with a series of punches. Then a missed attempt for a takedown gets Rua on a bad end of a ground and pound. The round ends with Bones Jones winning it!

Jones has the reach advantage and he is using it to his perfection! Spinning back elbow from Jones! Rua is tired already and Jones is going nuts on him! A body blow connects for Jones. Jones swings a punch and an elbow and a kick and Shogun can’t connect with his arsenal. Shogun falls after a takedown and Rua is bracing himself for a barrage of elbows from Jones. Mike Goldberg stated that Jones is throwing elbows on Shogun’s body. Actually, you can see Jones bombing the body while ripping Rua’s face out. Actually it seems as if, Rua getting choked from an elbow to the neck. Jones finishes the round with a leg lock.

Shogun must be disheartened at this stage but Rua is a champion. Shogun gets a leg lock but Jones’ wrestling skills is enough to avert to put the match in his favor. Then we saw Jones unloading on Rua. Rua stood up to compose himself after getting hit by a massive fist that opened up Rua and Jones goes berserk to finish the match. Then when Rua backpedals away from Jones, Jones quickly comes in and “clinics” on Shogun’s ass. Herb Dean mercifully ends the match.

Six weeks ago, Jones is just the future of the business. Six weeks later, Jones just became the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion! Wow! Welcome to the next generation as Jones becomes the youngest UFC champion at age 23!

Who’s next for Jones? Checking in to fight Bones is Rashad Evans.


Postfight: Rashad Evans in a suit comes in the UFC ring and Jones tells everyone that he will do whatever it takes to defend it. We are near New York right now and the fans are booing Evans.

This should be a classic!

Game over!


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