Watch My Sassy Girl!

I hated the American version of this movie.

Sure, I was a fan of Elisha Cuthbert. Who didn’t like seeing her fiery, impish persona in Girl Next Door? When I heard the news that she’ll star in the American remake of My Sassy Girl, one of the most successful Asian films ever, I was giddy. Her devilish charm is perfect in bringing the life of the random girl that gave a guy pain.

Unfortunately she was cast as Jordan.

True story. 

From the ones that gave everyone Dragon Ball: Evolution 

You see, American producers led by Korean-American Roy Lee failed to capture the essence of the character by giving her a name. Actually, they failed to capture the essence of the movie... period. The American remake of My Sassy Girl was one of the various busts created by Roy Lee. He said that he wanted to remake Asian movies to capture the creative goodness of the Orient. Not only did he not accomplish “it” (by “it” I mean making it good), it bombed at the box office. Most of these movies go straight-to-DVD because screening it in various parts of the US will make cinema houses riot because of their sappy crap conversions.

Anyway, My Sassy Girl introduced the world to Jeon Ji-Hyun. The girl became a superb box office draw since. She starred in a bunch of films like Windstruck, The Uninvited, and Il Mare and will follow Rain as she will have her American film debut before the year ends.  

Cha Tae-Hyun, who played the masochistic boy toy in the movie, also gained acclaim as a top-grossing actor. He gets paired up in TV and film with popular celebs and  

Hopefully you guys are familiar with the film I batched up and pulled from Youtube. Sure, it could have been shortened and the carnival scene could have been avoided but nonetheless this is a beautiful story about that sweet but sadistic hottie that is bent to torment his kind but freedom-loving pseudo boyfriend.

Anyway, since the Youtube video provider disabled the embed button, you can start crying by clicking the PHRASE UNDERNEATH THE PICTURE! Sure there are a lot of My Sassy Girl videos on the site but this was in HD and it doesn’t have Singlish subtitles. It also has great audio quality.

Game over!  


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