Wrestlemania 27 Preview: Edge versus Alberto del Rio

It’s his destiny.

It’s his spear.

And here’s Christian!

For the benefit of those with flash photography, here is one of their poses.


Years after performing as Sexton Hardcastle, young Adam Copeland tried his luck in the WWE. He joined The Brood where he formed a “WWE” bond with fake-brother and real-life friend Christian. After the Terri Invitational, the tag team known as Edge and Christian was born. They were one of the top teams in the WWE and they battled the likes of the Hardy Boyz, Dudley Boyz, Too Cool, and APA.

Anyway, after they separated Edge would grow on people as a heel. He battled the likes of John Cena, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, CM Punk, Rob Van Dam, Jeff Hardy, Kane, and The Undertaker. His in-ring and outside the ring battles with Matt Hardy (for fooling around with Matt’s then-girlfriend Lita) gave him humongous notoriety. He is the current World Championship title holder and has amassed a lot of titles since. When he fought his last Wrestlemania, he lost to Chris Jericho. This was for the same belt he is wearing right now and he got the shot by winning the Royal Rumble.

He is termed as the Mexican version of John Bradshaw Layfield. ADR has the looks, riches, and skills to become Smackdown’s top draw. Hell, he is now accompanied with a bodyguard in Brodus Clay and an announcer/valet in Ricardo Rodriguez. After getting acclaim in Mexico under a mask, he debuted in the WWE as a spoiled aristocrat bent on succeeding on everything as if it is his destiny. Just like Edge, Alberto claimed this spot by winning the Royal Rumble. Will Alberto del Rio fumble his shot as did Edge the year before?

Currently, Christian is the number one contender for Edge’s belt. When Edge broke the glass ceiling, Christian was at the midcard cashing in on every chance to grab the intercontinental title. He was in various gimmicks where he became an Un-American, bet on a girl, became a Creepy Little Bastard, and became a Rock wannabe. Feeling left out, he bolted out from the WWE to test the waters in TNA. As a TNA superstar, Christian learned the ways of carrying a company in his shoulders and there he was a massively over main event guy. He then returned to the WWE via ECW where he again carried the brand. He then moved to Smackdown and was about to hit main event gold until he was injured at the hands of Alberto del Rio. He has been longing for vengeance ever since.

Edge and ADR are both good workers. Edge will come to this match injured so expect the Rated R Superstar to sell his arm. This arm is going to be tormented by Del Rio. I’m guessing Brodus and Ricardo will be involved in this match. However, the biggest problem at hand is the involvement of Christian. Christian can be Edge’s great equalizer but he is also hungry for recognition.

I have three scenarios for this match:

1 Edge wins and Christian helps him fend off his enemies and they will embrace and create a Wrestlemania moment. They will fight for the title eventually.

2 Alberto del Rio wins with Christian costing Edge by mistake. Christian won’t turn on Edge but Edge will likely turn on Christian.

3 Edge’s injury is so severe that he’ll relinquish his title and ADR will have to face the number one contender for the title – which is Christian. Christian wins and Edge and him will have a Wrestlemania moment.

Of the scenarios, I choose number three.

Edge will likely win the match with Christian in tow. They will hug it out and then for the benefit of those with flash photography, they will give the fans a five-second pose.


Hopefully this match will reek in awesomeness!

Game over!


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