Wrestlemania 27 Preview: Jerry "The King" Lawler versus Michael Cole

It all started when Jerry Lawler started to diss The Miz. It was no secret that Michael Cole was a huge mark for The Miz and he was downright loyal to his idol. This idolatry is lunacy for Lawler and that didn’t sit well for Cole. Cole began questioning Lawler’s sanity and even costing Lawler his matches. And then Lawler got a shot at Miz’ championship on Raw and it was a ladder match. Lawler was inches away from the title but Cole interrupted and held onto Lawler.

Lawler would have a second crack on the title but he was soundly defeated by The Miz again.

Afterwards, Lawler challenged Cole to a match in Wrestlemania. He was so bent on the match that he didn’t care that Jack Swagger will be in Cole’s corner and the guest referee is John Bradshaw Layfield.

Funny how Lawler, one of the more recognizable figures in sports entertainment has yet to fight in a Wrestlemania match?

He didn’t get The Miz but he got Michael Cole in a Vengeance match.

And by the way, scratch JBL out of the equation.

The new referee?



Lawler is a well-known figure before he even set foot in the WWE. He was responsible for putting comedian Andy Kaufmann in a neck brace and is a many-time WCWA Champion and owner of many championship belts. His most famous feud in the WWE was when Bret Hart dubbed him as the “Burger King”. For a while he was a hated wrestler as well as commentator but this reaction eventually mellowed to respect. He will become a fixture in the WWE as the Raw commentator alongside Jim Ross and Michael Cole. With the current attitude of Cole, this prompted Lawler to match up against him. At 61, he is the oldest participant in Wrestlemania 27. It’s funny that his son Brian Christopher aka Grandmaster Sexay wrestled on the event a decade before he could.

He is the self-proclaimed “Voice of the WWE” following the retirement of Jim Ross. Cole was a former war correspondent and he climbed from the lower depths of WWE programming before getting his biggest break as Raw commentator in the late 90’s. When Ross returned, he became the voice of Smackdown. He moved to Raw as he switched places with Ross and is now appearing in both shows. Ever since he had beef with Daniel Bryan, Cole got this bias streak where his commentating was more heelish and his actions were leaning towards either smart or cowardly. He has never wrestled a match but with Swagger at his side, there is a good chance of him winning.

This will last ten minutes. Expect this to be booked perfectly or awkwardly. Jack Swagger, a former World Champion, will likely be involved in this match to some extent and Stone Cold will make sure that Swagger will respect the match. Cole will squirm but whenever he gets the opportunity will sneak an attack on The King. The King meanwhile will get his action of the cat-and-mouse chance would end.

This is super obvious. The King will definitely win this match. Swagger will become a non-factor once Austin gets involved and with nowhere to go, perhaps Cole will get his ass whipped by the voice of the event which could be Jim Ross. Ross is a noted Austin ally and he’ll probably stun Cole in the middle of the ring. Austin will probably hit the Stone Cold Stunner on Swagger, Cole, and probably a JBL interference. A beer bash will eventually ensue with Ross and Lawler. This could perhaps be the perfect end for Jerry Lawler’s in-ring career.


Will The Rock and Stone Cold open a can of whoop ass on all the candy asses?

Game over!


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