Wrestlemania 27 Preview: Randy Orton versus CM Punk

Randall Keith Orton and Charles Montgomery Punk have one thing in common – they just hate each other.

After Orton screwed Punk of his chance to defend his gold, Punk waited for two years to make Orton pay. He became the leader of Nexus to give himself an unfair advantage on those he think is not worthy to challenge his authority.

And then there’s his revenge angle on Orton.

This is a very interesting matchup.


Orton is the son of second generation wrestler “Cowboy” Bob Orton. He started out as a bland and generic character whose claim to fame is his dropkicks. And then he got injured. When he returned, he became part of an elite alliance dubbed as Evolution. Here, he befriended the likes of Triple H, Ric Flair, and Batista and this supergroup was responsible for giving him an Intercontinental Championship as well as a World Championship. He was booted out of the group after he won the championship and fended his enemies alone until he found Edge to form Rated RKO. After the team split, he created a group made up of sons of Hall of Fame wrestlers called Legacy. This team was able to lord Raw and had battles with Degeneration X. At this point Orton is evolving from “Legend Killer” to “Viper”. He became a face because fans loved his cold-blooded character a la Stone Cold Steve Austin. In his previous Wrestlemania, he fought against his fellow Legacy members and won.

He first got national exposure from Ring of Honor and at TNA where he was part of Raven’s group. He moved to WWE and debuted in the ECW roster as the Straightedge Superstar. He became an ECW Champion and eventually he became a WWE Champion. He is also a 2-time Money in the Bank winner. He was unable to defend his title fairly when Orton and Legacy jumped him a couple of years ago. Afterwards, Punk changed from fan favourite to the sadistic, self-centered person with god complex. He then led a group called Straight Edge Society on Smackdown where they detest anyone that includes vices in their lives. He fought a lot of great battles with Jeff Hardy, Undertaker, Big Show, and Rey Mysterio. He moved to Raw injured and settled on the announce table before jumping on John Cena when he found his actions on Wade Barrett barbaric. He then became the leader of Nexus and made it a la his Straight Edge Society. After feuding with Cena, he set his eyes on Orton.

For more than a month, Orton had a lot of matches where he eliminated and injured the Nexus members so they can’t be at CM Punk’s aid at Wrestlemania. Unlike Wade Barrett, Punk can do it alone inside the ring. He is a masterful tactician and his level of technical awesomeness can be comparable Bret Hart at some point. Randy Orton is a robot but in a good way. He can program himself to work well inside the ring as well as a brawl outside of it. His RKO is an easier move to make than Punk’s Go To Sleep. However, at the course leading to Wrestlemania, Punk has been injuring Orton’s legs. If Orton sells the injury, this could be a problem in making the match a 5-star battle. This match can range to the 10 to 15 minute mark.

I can see Orton winning here. If The Miz wasn’t the one holding the belt then I can see Orton headlining Wrestlemania. He owns the second-biggest face pop in Raw after Triple H. Orton should win here because he’ll “overcome” the odds in this match. If Punk can’t have Nexus or anything in his sleeve, then expect the Viper to finish this match in style.


By the way, most of the Nexus were brought back to WWE Developmental. Husky Harris became the masked Axel Mulligan and perhaps David Otunga will be there to hone his wrestling skills and perhaps Mike McGillicutty and Mason Ryan could learns a thing or two about charisma.

Anyway, it’s puzzling to find out if they’ll have anything to work on in Wrestlemania.

Game over!


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