Wrestlemania 27 Preview: Rey Mysterio versus Dashing Cody Rhodes

Most of Rey Mysterio’s Wrestlemania matches come about because of lusts for revenge.

Does this pretty much tell us of Rey Mysterio’s character? 

Yes kids... Rey is evil.


After getting critical acclaim in his lucha work in Mexico, he decided to test the US waters through ECW. The original ECW gave him an outlet to display his speed and skill and it wowed people. He moved to an even bigger market and an even bigger budget via WCW where he fought against the likes of Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Jericho, and others. Had he been in the Invasion storyline alongside the other WCW greats... that would have been an epic storyline! Years later he won secondary titles after secondary titles and it was about time that he’d be pushed to main event status. He won the Royal Rumble which eventually led to a successful chase for the gold in Wrestlemania. The best known Latino star of the company following the death of Eddie, he is basically one of the elite main eventers of Smackdown.

Before he became “Dashing”, Cody Rhodes was an up and coming star whose Dad is Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes and his brother is the bizarre Goldust. Rhodes started as a singles performer that is bland in the ring which is why he was paired up with Hardcore Holly... an even blander performer with a bunch of years to show. He then turned on Holly to join the Randy Orton-led supergroup Legacy where he became a tag team with Million Dollar Man’s son, Ted DiBiase. After the group folded, it seems that Rhodes will be eaten up by the spotlight but turns out, this is all what he needs to become “Dashing”. His in-ring and taped promos on how to be handsome gave him massive heat and above all, a great reputation! This reputation will be loudly enforced when Rey Mysterio broke his nose and he missed a bunch of PPV’s and he rambled of having depression. This same depression caused Cody to not act like a narcissist goofball and become serious. He became so serious that his father turned on Rey because he felt his son’s pain.

I can’t really say how these guys will go here but I’m betting that it will be a fantastic brawl. Cody can be a cruiserweight while Rey is the epitome of one. While the Cross Rhodes finisher will work, I’m hoping he’ll use his Beautiful Disaster kick more because it doesn’t look generic (I can compare this to Shawn Michaels’ Sweet Chin Music). Unfortunately, kids of all ages will go giddy when Rey Rey flies to all sides of the ring. Expect this match to go ten minutes long with a bunch of high octane offense that these two should deliver. I’m not looking for this match to go more than ten minutes but I do hope we see a bit of Dusty Rhodes in this match.

When Dusty Rhodes appears, expect Cody to win this match. However, don’t bet on it. While a Cody win would certainly push his stock as a top-tier midcard, I can’t see him beating Rey Mysterio especially in a one-on-one match in Wrestlemania. Dusty has stayed away from the ring since his betrayal on Rey and to build Cody as a contender, Cody needs to finish Rey by his wholesome.


I’m betting I can see a lot of kidding going wild when Rey connects with the 619.

Game over.


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